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Tails and his GBA 5

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Tails and his GBA 5

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wtf this sucks i really hate this i liek teh otehr 4 better you suce miracle!

MiracleFruitClock responds:


Silly Tails

-This does have it's moments where it shines but overall it's just not all that great. There are a few funny edited video clips but you used the same scene of tails dancing a couple of times.

-The beginning buildup was probably the best animating but it's basically some pictures of clocks flashing with different colors. Nothing too fancy or anything that took much effort to produce. It's a little funny but it could be a lot better.

-Review Request Club

Nice build up, bad ending

The flash starts out really lame, but it gets better the longer you let it play. At first we have some images of various clocks flashing up on the screen and you start to think: "Is that all?"
Luckily before it gets too boring the kick sets in and you start to change the background as well. By that time the viewer can realize that there has to be a bit more to this flash than he originally thought.

The cut scenes from that movie with tails head covering the face of the actors was actually pretty funny.

The ending is a bit disappointing though, I was hoping for something more than only a huge face and an annoying beeping tone...

{ Review Request Club }

Surprisingly catchy

Well, I can't say that I was impressed with the animation style of this piece, but for some reason, the imagery and the music just seemed to blend together well enough to actually raise a smile on my face.

With the way that Tails seemed to cover all of the women's faces, I may be developing a complex with it all, but thankfully, you broke it towards the end of the track. Given that there isn't much scope for this piece to be continued, would it have been a better idea to just play the song to the end and then break it?

I didn't really like it when Tails was moving across the screen with his decks and the larger image of him with the decks appears in the background for the scratches, then disappears again. It just seemed a little out of the ordinary, even for this piece.

[Review Request Club]


holy fucking shit this is brilliant

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3.82 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2009
12:23 PM EST