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CHANGELOG: New update 12/10

Updated v2, most major bugs should be currently fixed:
- Flying of the screen
- Updated controls
- Updated game play speed

Fly around in medieval time and attack enemies by circling your ship with the mouse. Learn the controls and upgrade your ship's weapons & defense in the shop. Choose between good in evil in your campaign through the realm of Arcanorum. How long can you survive in survival mode? Have fun!

EDIT: We were not aware that the game developers had inspiration from the game Hammerfight, however we would like to acknowledge their innovation and inspiration for our game Arcanorum. If you would like to visit their website, visit http://www.koshutin.com

I would also like to say thank you to those who have rated the game and left reviews. We will be working on fixing these bugs as soon as possible, but we ask that you be descriptive in the bug reports so that we can fix these issues.

Thank you once again,


Ok...till this rotten update >.<

Ok, This is a fun game. But I see you did update on the stupid controls. I hate mouse control!!! I want it back to WASD keys. It was so much easier like that!! have option to change controls please.

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Great game, unadventurous players

This game is great, mind you i liked the previous control scheme better, and to evryone below me who thinks its impossible to get enough money to get good weapons without re-doing levels, try the survival mode. what happens is that you keep the money you make from survival mode, and i then available to you in story mode. While in story mode you can buy new weapons and ships, then if you leave the story mode, in survival mode, you will use the new ewapons and ship you just bought. Stop complaining about it

It may not be a bug, but it's prevelant.

My weapon likes to get stuck on enemies, and then it lags the HELL out of my computer. On the timed missions, it literally took me 20-30 minutes to go through the 1:00 or 1:30 time limit, depending on the mission.

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Very imba game! Just 1 thing..
Why cant I mute sound???
It's really annoying when you're listening music and playing this game..
Because the game has some 'hard' sounds.


During the FIRST boss battle i killed all of the thin guys... then nothing happened.. i am now flying on a black backround cause the backround ran out... but other than that... great game!

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3.77 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2009
12:43 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler