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Poker / Freedia

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Author Comments

In this free version, you will be able to strip Freedia down to her last 2 lingerie clothes. The game is fully functional. There aren't any betting involved in this game. When you win, she takes a piece of clothes off, when you lose she gains a piece of clothes back. If you lose, and she is fully clothed, you lose a piece of clothes. When all your clothes are gone, the game is over. Good luck. Have fun!

FYI: Freedia is a furry character from our Reckless Fur series first appeared on Vixine.com - an Adult Furry Fantasy website.

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Nicer art, really crooked odds. Very frustrating.

KantokenKantoken is just butthurt about being unlucky. I just won it on the first try, and along the way, I BEAT the computer's 3 of a kind with a flush AND THEN I got a straight without even discarding any cards. So NO, the computer DOESN'T cheat, I'm sure that if the computer had gotten the same hands I got while you were playing you would be accusing it of cheating even more emphatically than you were, I can only imagine you breaking your computer's screen when you got a 3 of a kind and then the compy pulled off a flush.

MistyFog is full of crap too, it's NOT the same exact thing, there's a poker version and a blackjack version for several different images that are revealed, but there are no identical repeats, they're all distinct. The real question is why are you playing this game. It's not for you.

This image is the most innocuous of the ronpimpster games. The others are all gross. She kind of looks like a furry She-Ra with the jeweled tiara thing. Or not.

Anyway, this game is a nice timewaster if ever you want to calm your nerves, in my opinion. It is what it is, it's not pretending to be anything else, and it doesn't seem to have any bugs. It's just mindless poker, with a set point as a goal, being 6 ahead of your lowest point. It might be better if you started with a certain amount of money and she stripped to certain levels at certain thresholds of money, where you can choose your bet size (if you actually care about the stripping part that is, it's pretty bland so I don't see why anyone would really care), but this way is ok too and it's simpler. The most fun was trying to figure out the way the cards are randomly determined.

By the way, it seems to be a single deck, which is reshuffled at the end of every hand. Because in one hand there was the queen of diamonds and it was in the next hand as well, and then that hand had the 2 of hearts and so did the hand after that, so it must have been reshuffled between each of the two hands even though it wouldn't be necessary to reshuffle that often. So there's no point in trying to figure out what cards are left from previous hands. Just fyi.

Why do you upload the same exact thing?

I'm disappointed I won this she has only a corset left and boxershorts

The same as the others

"Good luck. Have fun!"

I failed at both. I had the feeling the game cheats during almost every hand. Ridiculous odds for the completion of a high-end hand (flush, straight), and she gets it. This started to frustrate me to no end. And when the game keeps on discarding while I can no longer win with my current hand after discarding starts to feel like prolonged torture of my loss. The remarks made by the character often have no basis: "You almost had it", while I had no combination at all? "Better luck next time", while with two pair (two Aces, two Queens) I still get beaten by two Aces and two Kings?

After playing non-stop for more than half an hour, I decided to stop this sadomasochistic behavior. Improve the interaction with the character, make sure the remarks are correct to the situation, and stop when it is clear either the player or AI can no longer win, even after discarding.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2009
9:02 AM EST