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Travelling Mind

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Dec 6, 2009 | 3:00 AM EST

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Author Comments

Hey guys, after a few days on hard work, I have completed my first proper animation - ever!
I look forward to your feedback,


******WARNING******* This video contains flashing images. If you are epilepsy or an epileptic condition it is highly recommended that you refrain from viewing.

- Aidan macNaughton



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I saw your news post.... and I respected the fact that you were giving Flash another go after frustrating experiences a few years ago. Given the fact that you're just picking this up and developing your skills.. this is solid.. but as the below reviewer said, you need patience.

Audio was well done. Animation was minimal and therefore, it came across as hurried. The character's wheels could have spun... his eyes blink... his mouth drool... something to break up the notion that you were staring at the same tweened object over and over.

Your creativity is respectable and admirable. But your eagerness to wrap this one up and move to the next one is evident.

I'd like to see what else you have in your 'traveling mind.' Take it to the next level and if you have any Flash questions, I'd be happy to try and answer them.

CyberHysteria responds:

Thank you so much mate for your reply,I have just Had a new post on my profile, check it out. I basically admitted that this animation was just merely to avoid the prospect of animating someone walking, talking and syncing the audio with the persons lips.

Any Ideas on were is the best place on how to learn this? And any thoughs on what mite be a suitable animation for me, based on what you have just seen!

Many thanks!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Invest time.

I understand what you tried to do, but I think you rushed it and got lazy. Spend more time on the drawing aswell as the concept. Remember flashes can take weeks, months or even years - a well thought-out flash with a lot of time invested will always give a final outcome which was worth the effort.

CyberHysteria responds:

As i admitted below I did rush and I was just dying to put this up on newgrounds.

At least this made itself passed judgement, so it says that I have put a sustainable amount of effort in it.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is good

As far as art and animation goes, this was decent, but I'm sure you'll improve with practice.

It might disappoint you to know that, despite your effort to try something completely original, such random animations actually have a sort of genre, a collection on newgrounds. I believe it is called "experimental". There are quite a few like yours, random, meaningless.

Perhaps you're taking originality in a very literal sense. The color white, it's been used before. Using it again would be unoriginal. That, as I see it, is faulty logic.

An original plot would be something new, perhaps the basic structure of the plot has been used before, but the skin and the bells and whistles around it are new, of your own creation.

As I see it, this flash is as original as any other flash with non copyright characters. Or perhaps a bit more original. But the thing is, originality doesn't always equal a good flash. I could walk backwards in the street, in hopes of being unique. But it's impractical, and stupid. I could develop a new creation that helps people in an effort of being unique, and that would make me unique.

People are finding more and more new original concepts in games. But if you rip the game apart, you'd find that all games are very similar; you press on buttons to play, press on the correct buttons to win, press on the wrong buttons and you lose. But that's not how people look at it. I guess it's merely relative.

But in conclusion, I commend you on your efforts of trying to be original, and keep practicing.

CyberHysteria responds:

I believe taking originality in a literal sense is a vital, and valid point. Although what you said was right about the color 'white' I can still see a problem. Using the color white again wont be unoriginal, but its not very original if (lets say) over 60% used white as their text color for their games/movies.

Yess, I believe that I will need to invest more time and effort in my drawings to!

I would rather you not brand my work as meaningless. Possibly random - but that may be boiled down to peoples opinion.

The name of the animation is called 'Travelling Mind' which should hope paint a picture of a persons thoughts being opened and thinking. Theres is a meaning but it dosent nesessarily have to be seen IN the animation. Travelling Mind should say it all.

The animation is about a Mind That travels and hallucinates granting the audience with a flashy scene of scribbles and beats.

But mabey that dosent explain it. But before you place a brand on an animation, I ask you good sir, what is the meaning of life?

it could be meaningless or have meaning, but you are we to judge?

Hot stuff, huh?

Cheers, and thanks for the feedback!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

As for originality

I read your post on the flash msg board.

I see how you were trying to, I suppose, go with what came to mind. The concept being just that, what was going though your head. Traveling, haha!

I feel as if you may need to broaden your range of experimenting to include some other medians. Experience some more internally and in the nature of society, nature etc.

Because basically, it looks like you copied some random clips from David Firth and mixed em around a bit. Quite a blow to your originality concept. The best thing to do of course, is to keep on truckin' and developing, and maybe try creating the very thing opposite of what you normally would. Because save for the scribble of flashing words, this felt like imitation at it's heart. Not to be discouraging. And not to sound holier then thou either...

Just my immediate thoughts after seeing this. I may have gotten a little too deep there. :o

CyberHysteria responds:

I felt very limited to time and rushed this process, and I can certainly agree with you certainly about exploring more medians. That was the more powerful feeling it lacked when I press CRTL-ENTER.

After watching it I also realized without definitely knowing that I take alot of inspiration from David Firth and copied some of his clips. (im annoyed you noticed this)

I felt I could do better but at least at this moment I have something to work from.

As I believe everyone needs a little something to work from.

Thank you so much for your feedback!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This has true potential, and is truly remarkable!

CyberHysteria responds:

Thank you so much!