A Bad Rant

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I can't stand Tim and Eric... The video is pretty self explanatory...

Thanks to a friend of mine (Dylan Green) for the background voice...

I know it's very opinionated but people have to learn to deal with the fact that everything has those people who really hate it.

If you're one of those people who feel they need to start an argument because you like Tim and Eric and/or Will Farell, ingore your instincts AND this animation. Unless you have some helpful criticism on how to make it better, keep your mouth and keyboard shut!



Please note that I am going to be as FAIR AS POSSIBLE for when I review this flash. And note that what I will be rating you on is based upon what I have seen in the reviews to this flash.

Okay, here we go:

-Storyline: 4/10. If you ask me, this flash didn't really have much of a plot to it; to me, it was just pointless ranting about a TV show/celebrity you hate. However, I'm not going to whine or complain about it, at least with Tim and Eric (since I never really watch it; and it probably doesn't help because I've never really heard of it). ;)

-Sound: 9/10. I've seen some reviews to which the reviewers complained that they "couldn't hear it well". Well I, for one, could hear it just fine.

-Music: Not going to go there, since the music wasn't intended for this flash in the first place.

-Animation: 7/10. I thought that most of the ranting was pretty good, especially with the lip synching. Kudos to that. =)

-Background: 6/10. The background seemed kind of bland, at least to me. But hey; at least you made SOME kind of background, and the "spider with the cobweb" thing really suggested that there WAS an actual background. Oh, and nice art style, BTW. ;)

-Overall average: 6/10. Please keep this in mind: we all have our own opinions, and we should learn to respect them, even if they're ones that we do not agree with.

Still, this really wasn't that bad a flash. But PLEASE, don't take this too harshly, alright? ;D

Not very good.

Well, to be honest, the animation was extremely ugly and the audio was hard to hear. There were little to no animations but the lip-syinching was ok. But bottom line it was very unentertaining and unfunny, and I don't think anyone would want to watch it. You're getting better though. Keep trying.

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Ten for lip syncing

Since you mentioned in a previous response that this was for an assignment on lip syncing, that's what I'll grade you on. It was flawless. Were those tweens or mouth comps or what?

Forefox responds:

Thank you. I actually did it frame by frame.

lolz product placement

yay for coke! s'anyways, flash wasn't very great unfortunately. background and any actual animations were minimal, voices were too quiet, and there was no music or background noises. needs more work to become decent flash, keep trying.
And people can have their own opinions, don't down rate him cause u don't agree.

Forefox responds:

Damn right. :)


Things to improve on:
-Storyline (No real story here, unless that was intended)
-Sound (Could not here much)
- Music (No form of music witnessed in this clip)
- Animations (Lack of animations)
- Background (Lack of detail, aside from the cobweb)
- Too short

Things I enjoyed:
- Lip Sync (Very well done)

Overall, it could have and still can be re-touched. A lot of things are incomplete and/or missing. Since this was for one of your classes, some of these things are intentional so nothing can be done about it.

Honest try.

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Forefox responds:

Thank you. I respect your review.
-Storyline (None intended)
-Sound (My mic doesn't record well)
-Music (none intended)
-Animation (The only necessary was the lip syncing. Class assignment)
-Background (Ran out of time before project was due)
-The assignment was not supposed to be more than 10 to 15 seconds long.

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Dec 5, 2009
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