Cornelius Feast

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Cornelius the chameleon has just found a great area in the jungle where there are lots of flies. He's got to eat as many flies as possible in 1 minute but should avoid wasps as they usually sting you if you touch them...

My latest greatest game, It's just lovely (just look how it changes colour in the main menu!) :D



You know how to program, and draw very good. This game took a long time. What you don't know, however, is how to hold the viewers attention. Work on that.

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Acreonte responds:

Wow! great feedback. I never thought about it to be honest. I knew I could program and design but I forgot something important: hold viewers attention. Added to my todo list of things to learn :) thanks!

good, but repetitive.

yeah, not to say the same thing everyone else has, but it's kinda incredibly repetitive, doesn't have much to hold your interest for longer than a minute or so, looks nice though and the music is mutable thankfully.

could be kind of cool if you added more bug types for the lizard to eat, like ones that make him sick (bad aim for your tongue/slightly off for a seconds), or hyperactive, maybe a color changing bug that changes colors at a moderate speed and the color it is when it's eaten could multiply or reduce the score even.

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Acreonte responds:

Hmm, good ideas about having more insects that affect the Chameleon. Thanks for your feedback and sorry you didn't like the game nor the music.

Not bad...

This game is well made and everything works well.

Good work...

I would have like to see some kind of power ups though, like: double tongues or something.

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Acreonte responds:

Power ups! I always forget about them :(
Well, there's always a next game I can make and defo I'll add power ups :) Thanks for your feedback Thewordsmyth.


a Bit repetative but otherwise okay nice graphics good use of textures, but simply too repetetive

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Acreonte responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback jok3r098. You're right, it's too repetitive.

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3.22 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
1:21 PM EST
Skill - Collect