One Cold Christmas

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Author Comments

This is my christmas 2009 flash. Starring Santa Claus!

Alright, this is something I'm actually kind of proud of. I've been working hard for a while to make this work out and i hope you enjoy. I did everything, backgrounds, voice acting, I know. This is too great yeh.

Thanks to Mexifry for the support.

I hope you guys like this,


Edit: Whoah Daily 5th? Thanks people!

Edit 2: wow front page? thanks tom.

Edit 3: whoah, 20,000 views. thats great

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This Christmas was too damn funny man,the sound effects & music fit at each part perfect with the Ren & Stimpy style it had plus the animation was solid and the voice acting couldn't have been any better,i laughed my ass off when Santa gave the guy used underwear in 1984,overall i loved this Christmas flash and thought it was one of the funniest ones in the Christmas 2009 collection page.

MrAbnormal responds:

hey thanks bro

I love it.

Go not f*ck yourself.

MrAbnormal responds:

I love you

Not bad.

Congratulations on the daily 5th place. But anyway, the animation was good but next time you SHOULD get voice actors. But overall, it wasn't bad. Also the santa graphics were just hilarious, so far I like this animation for what I'm seeing so far. But though the graphics just need a bit more of work, not a lot, but it just kinda needs some work.

As I said, the graphics needed more work but I love watching the graphics for Santa. He looked skinny and was really amusing in this animation. But if your going to plan on an animation for Christmas 2010, you should make his stomach even larger!

So did you heard 2012 will be the end of the world? They're going to make a movie about it. Then were not gonna have Christmas, no! The scientist said, "2012 would be the end of the world." Well, I don't think it would be, fingers crossed!

Graphics: 7/10
Comedy: 10/10
Voice actor: 7/10
Animation: 7/10
Rating Score: 3/5

Now, I hope you really love and enjoy my review!

MrAbnormal responds:

thanks busta

Pretty nice!

I liked it! Great Flash!
It get's 8 cause of bad voice acting.
Other than that, good!

MrAbnormal responds:

thanks for the review


This was a very cool flash entry. A number of things stood out to me as highlights of your short, such as; the character designs, especially that of the guy chasing after santa, were really well done. I like the way you draw noses very strange and unique. The music in the background was so well suited to your flash and gave it that great ren and stimpy cartoon type of feel which worked wonders with your style. The credit sequence at the start had to be my favorite part, which is rare to say, but i thought it was so professionally done. The only problem i had with your flash was the voice acting, now im pleased that you did add voice acting but i just didnt feel any real acting going on with the guys voice, though i did enjoy santas "coal" comment. Overall it was a perfect christmas short.

MrAbnormal responds:

wow thanks dude. yeah i wanted my title cards to look really professional. thanks again

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3.95 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
12:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original