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So, in Media Studies at school, we were making adverts, and I chose Dr Pepper. Everyone else in my class just made the storyboard, but I made the storyboard, and this. I liked it, so I got the fla home, added sound, a preloader, and the API, and I've decided to submit it here.

Sounds are from:

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Well that was pretty funny and truthful, well besides the vending machine falling onto oneself but i have to start the review with something that kinda annoyed me and that was the dr pepper bottle as it rolled out of the reach of the characters arm at the end it appeared to be half full!, what was up with that?, The character design was great and i loved your design of the vending machine. The sound effects were the highlight for me, just superbly done. Overall a very well done short.

(title in work)

This was pretty well done. Animations and drawings were good enough, and I enjoyed the various things your character tried to do to get his soda. It sounded to me like you made some of the sound effects yourself, which I thought was cool. A bit predictable really, but a good movie as well.

Not bad

It could use work in areas, but I liked it. The one thing was at the different options he tried, I didn't even notice at first that the camera was skipping to each scene. All of a sudden the background just moved a bit and i was like "...what just happened?" and it threw me off focus. If you try that again make sure to make the scenes last a little bit longer so the viewer can catch on.
But otherwise good job :)

Timsplosion responds:

Well, I was going for that "quickly-cutting-between-similar-shot s" look. I thought that if it was just one solid background throughout that bit, it'd look even wierder, and harder to understand.
But yeh, thanks. :)

Really enjoyed this

I thought it was really well done, and kudos for going beyond the storyboard your class required. I liked the different attempts at getting the soda out of the machine (especially the failed jump kick) but the ending was a little bit predictable, so maybe next time something unexpected could happen instead of what everyone was kind of waiting for. Great start and keep at it! :)

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2.90 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
12:10 PM EST