Last UFO Hero

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You are the last able pilot of your planet. The survival of your own civilization is hanging in the balance. Extract elements from Earth to reconstruct your refuge aboard a piece of space reef. Beware of the earthlings and their contraptions: they have uncanny ability to ruin things.

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It's a lovely idea

But it really needs more work,
Don't be game over when you die for instance, but continue playing and upgrading, also, work on the controls a bit, they're not that great right now. Increasing gas prices also make it quite hard to buy upgrades.


An interesting mix between a side scrolling flight game and a leveling/rpg system where you upgrade the laser/fuel of your ship. While a good combination of ideas, the gameplay had a few flaws that kept it from being anything special.
First of all, the upgrade system was lacking in any abundance of upgrades. There were only two things you could upgrade which were your lasers and your fuel. As fun as a upgrading system is, there needs to be a little more reward than "you can move a little further this time, and pick up slightly heavier objects."
Secondly, the punishment for running out of fuel in the game is an instant loss. If you make the mistake of going a little too far and can't make it back then you've lost the game and have to start over. Possibly a cut the characters funds, or a limited number of deaths may be a better system. However, with the way it currently is, after dying once there really isn't much reason to go through the process again.
In conclusion, the gameplay element is there it's just missing content and a little forethought. I did however really enjoy the artwork during the introduction, as it was very well done.

work on the controls

your controls need work

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2.17 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
2:52 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other