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Report: Lord Of The Flies

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Little Johnny Does his report on the novel "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding.

this was actually a little flash i did for a school thing, about Lord of the Flies, so its a little rough,

BUT non the less ENJOY!

Wow! front page and Daily 4th place! thanks people at newgrounds!

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Lol. Wow.

It's actually very accurate. LOL. But uhh.. :l Poor Simon. He was my favsss <3


I never had to read lord of the flies!
Nice animation, btw, now I won't have to read it, lol.

funny stuff.

Ha, Lord of the Flies was a book I had to study for English class in secondary school aswell. I thought it was pretty lame at the time, maybe I should go back and read it again... probably not.

Great parody though, funny stuff! You're a talented dude. Everything was really well done.


not the greatest book in the world but yeah, thats how it pretty much went. i call it an eeeeeeaaaaaviiiil book!


am i the only one who sees the dialog for this is terrible, the story, not funny, the animation has been wasted, the ending just royally pizzed me off. god i really genuinally hate you for this peice of work u've produced