Zoepa Zoid Shootah

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Hi, this is my first flashgame. It's a project for school, made in a rush, for about a month.
I'm quite proud of it, so I figured I'd show off my work.

I do know that it's a typical game, but we didn't have much choise in this assignment.

Also, i tought this was a good place to get some feedback for future development.
Please leave a comment, it will be greatly appreciated!

The origional game was higher, but due to NG's restrictions, i was forced to quickly redo the menu's...
I hope it's not noticable :-)

Have fun!

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not bad, except....

the enemy shots tend to blend in with the scrolling stars background at least slightly because of the similarity and also because they're just TINY.

not bad though.

Dreezn responds:

Thanks people! I'm aware of most of your comments, and I'm glad to have some feedback!
I'm quite busy for school, but if I find some time, make a sequel. But shurely no promises!
I will take your comments in account.

For my examn I have to update this version with feedback of my teacher. I will update this NG
version as well.


Seems a very project of a really big game. I mean: it's to easy and short to be a full game.
Do a bigger sequel. 5/5 and 10/10.

Nothing new, though. Game seems familiar, but I give it an awesome score.

Good work

For a first gme it's done pretty well, animations pretty good and the ship tracks the mouse prefectly. Would prefer to fire myself than have it constantly autofire, and with all games with a level select it's way too easy to farm the first level to upgrade yourself, other than that keep it up.

Not all bad.

It wasn't exactly 'breaking' but it was a familiar genre, I can't give it a high score due to the simple mechanics and short gameplay.

The upgrades were vital, and without them making the game would be rather difficult, the lives system was a bugger but not really a bother, but the fire rate system was unnecessary, made it hard to shoot at what you were aiming at, and then shift to the enemy.

The last level, was hard as you're set in one position the entire time and there's buggers flying up behind you, I managed by exploiting their badarse shooting pattern.

Overall it was a nice game and enjoyable, but only for a set time, I doubt anyone will be playing it twice just to see the end, due to the lack of a story.
Next time, try a story, even just a minor one, try to make it less stiff, and more flexible.


It is an awesome game but it have more potential.

First of all you should have to click to fire, now it is plain autofire.
Secondly you should try the old classic cliché with enemies dropping upgrades that will change your ships ability to something else.

Suppose that is it :) otherwise a great game, was fun playing it. Keep the great work up!

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3.67 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2009
5:31 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight