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Made the sync and music quality a lot better. Not that it matters for something like this, but, eh.

There have been a lot of mixed opinions on the new Game Maker 8 logo.
A lot of people hate it. Because it's a smiley.
The old GM logo isn't happy about a smiley replacing him.

If you're confused and have no idea what this means, go here
http://glog.yoyogames.com /?p=622


How do you upload game maker's product on newgrounds?

I didnt know ;(

I didnt know that the logo was changed, Im a game maker user and I think that the hammer represents hard work while that face represents that they are not taking things seriously any more.

hate the logo

I hate the new logo so much, Sandy is an idiot(for reasons you will see if you read most Sandy's responses in the link)


I was just on the glog and I saw someone's link to this video...

But dude, yeah. TERRIBLE logo.

In fact, almost all the logos made for Game Maker were bad, but 90% of them were better than this one.


I used to fool around with Game Maker quite a bit, but I haven't used it for over a year now because I'm learning Flash/AS3. I checked out the link you put up, and I can't believe the classic hammer logo is being replaced with that goddamn face!!

Ha ha... Anyway, this Flash is really cute. Good frame-by-frame work; the animation is very smooth! The graphics themselves are a bit shoddy-looking, but okay nonetheless. By the way, the distortion on the new logo's eyes is great!

You used the sound effects very well; they seem to line up almost perfectly with the animation. I like how the semi-dramatic sound plays right before the GM logo is about to strike. Still, you could've included some additional sounds for the walking and rolling.

Too bad this is a bit on the short side; but regardless, this animation gets your point across very effectively. Good work!

And I really hope they change the logo back! :(

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Dec 3, 2009
12:05 AM EST
Comedy - Parody