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Click and hold to expand your collector circle. You have 60 seconds to get the highest score possible. You can only collect balls of the same color.


There could be some improvement.

I like this a lot. I like how you made it so addicting. You could improve it by modifying the score system. The score grows EXPONENTIALLY and you could get extremely high scores past a trillion. My highscore is 8,265,813,055804.

fun in small doses

i have indeed played this type of game before, this one though presented a small challenge when trying to collect more than one color...good choice of song btw......it would be so awesome if you'd use my songs in the near future

fun for a bit

then I lose interest. I have to give this game a 6-10 for graphics and a 7-10 for the gameplay. chris-marks ----you BEAST! what a score, I can barely get a few hundred thousand! I think you deserve a prize!

Can't submit my score

I'm scoring too high, it won't let me submit my score. Returns "sorta sorting: undefined." So far my best score is 1,348,348,858,398 (screenshots available on request). I think you need to scrub the current scores and change the scoring mechanism so that it's not possible to get huge scores like I'm getting, or else work with Mochi to change their leaderboard software to allow larger numbers.

Other than that, which is kind of out of your control since it's really a problem on Mochi's end, the game runs smoothly and it's a nice way to spend one minute at a time. I will come back to this game again.

I've seen this concept before.

This is like a watered down version of another game I've seen where you have to do the same exact thing.

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2.90 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2009
12:00 PM EST
Puzzles - Other