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Bomb cities. Get Money. 5000 Kills "wins". But there is plenty of side missions to make the victory sweeter! I made the game EVEN easier 4 times now..

More Info Inside.

**Added 2 more levels, a bonus mission, and one more secret level. Dont ask me where they are.. read the city descriptions.**

Bring on the hatemail!!!


Addictive as hell.

This game gives you the same feeling that only Snake, Tetris and games the like can give you. The feeling that despite its simplicity, it's so damned fun that you *HAVE* to beat your old hi score. Oh dear, this is gonna have a negative effect on my social life..

cakemeat responds:

Thanks, im glad i finally got daily feature for something.. one thing is confusing though

" Reviewed by: sinner2084 i didnt understand it too wel but good idea good game.."

his name thing is SINNER.. and the game is about killing lots of "innocent" people.. and he didnt understand it..

anyway.. I know the art could and should be better in like 70% of the game. but I have reduced it several times because i felt this game needed to be played by everyone at a reasonable level of smoothness. In about 4 hours i should add atleast another level. And in the next week or so im going to redo the game for the 4th time, and hope to get the physics finally worked out. THEN.. i will have different boms, hopefully a high score/user login up.. in that case you will also need to make yourself a MUG SHOT,.. for the top ten most wanted hehe.. anyway...

Thanks for the DF!!!

an enjoyable game blowing things up killing inocince. good job but need more places and weapons then that will make it interesting


It was alright, but there wasn't much variety, at least you could have made a few more bombs or other weapons alltogether.

Bombing US soil?

Game was good. Don't agree with the US targets tho. Seems like people make these games just to be the center of controversy.


Cool, idea that was fun, you have put alot of effort into this, well at least it looks like it!, it could have done with better graphics though

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3.53 / 5.00

May 13, 2002
9:57 PM EDT
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