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Bomb cities. Get Money. 5000 Kills "wins". But there is plenty of side missions to make the victory sweeter! I made the game EVEN easier 4 times now..

More Info Inside.

**Added 2 more levels, a bonus mission, and one more secret level. Dont ask me where they are.. read the city descriptions.**

Bring on the hatemail!!!


Sweet game

This is similar to some games, but it was well done. I liked how you controlled where you wanted to go; what city is what i meant. ......ya good game.

ok good

although it was good and I know you had no intentions on making it a problem with all this terorist stuff but it was a bad time to submit it you should have waited a while longer after this whole "Kaboom" incident... but still it was good

cakemeat responds:

The only reason i finally made the game is because everyone was throwing a fit because KABOOM!. i figured i might as well give them something else to be offended by.. but i halted the offensive version to make a more "arcade" style of the game.. and terrorist games will never be "IN SEASON".. so im kinda upset you praise the game.. and scored it a 6.. but anyway.. thanks


But I'can't enter the purple city in North America i have more than 3000$ and it doesn"t

cakemeat responds:

I added little clues in the level descriptions..

"...secret level. Dont ask me where they are.. read the city descriptions"

It's alright

Subject matter is touchy but your warning covers you IMO. Decent work you've done here that's fairly enjoyable.

great idea

some of the mission objectives,i dont understand.it asks u to convince sum guy to help u.how?all u can do is plant a bomb.thats it.n how do u get the missions in blue? overall though blowin the shit out of stuff makes up for it.

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3.54 / 5.00

May 13, 2002
9:57 PM EDT
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