Santa Parking

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It's that time of year. The time of year where Santa shows up in parking games.


I hate to give a score like this but I have to.

Sorry for my critique. I think this game is not good.

The music is good but wrongly used in this game. And I think it's against the law to advertise the music in the game.

The controls in this game is bad. It appalls. How on the earth can we drive it properly? Maybe my in-game car control is bad but seems someone is facing the same problem with me.

This is Newgrounds. Not your advertisement space. If you wish to, advertise in the advertisement space in the webpage not in the end of the game. And the graphics and concept are way bad than others. If you're in the first time of making flash games I will apologize. (Cause I don't even know how to create a flash game).

It's Newgrounds. Make your own in your original idea. It's like your making a 5 years old game like kraykanman said. (Credits to kraykanman :D) It is not NickJR, nor Disney Playhouse.
Sorry for my critics and I hope you will accept it and use it.


ok, this is newgrounds. Not some stupid flash game website where you post crap like this. Sorry but it is true. I admit you have some animation skill, but if you ever try to submit anything else, make it an orignal idea or somthing that appeals to a person over 5 years old.


i hate this more than i hate the twilight movies

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Its not all that good. its pretty simple and most games submitted by other Newgrounds users are much more advanced than this, in terms of both gameplay and graphics.

Also, i'm sure its against the rules to advertise that CD at the end.

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The steering is appalling. The game concept isn't exactly great. The ai isn't good, i.e. it'll randomly select the same house to deliver to consecutively and you can't deliver to a house with a sleigh already outside.

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2.92 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2009
3:58 PM EST
Sports - Racing