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An Apple a Day is trying to be an ART GAME.

//--- UPDATE ---\\


//--- UPDATE ---\\

You play as the Doctor, you role is to be the doctor that you want. So as a player you explore the possibilities of the mechanics and you discover different meaning too your actions. A way to play An Apple a Day is to find the more "ending" possible. I would say the way to play this game is by trying to understand your action as a doctor and understanding the effect of your choices.

CONTROL : AWSD or Arrows

You can consider the game finish when you found seven "ending" . The game is all about choices, it is normal to feel a little confused about the actions you make at first. The actions all make sense after a few play.

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I wish I were the doctor

Ok so maybe it's not exactly that ;) Good job matching the theme- it was a very thought-provoking commentary on health and life and I have to say overall I agree with your standpoint. The movement was rather slow- but I can see how it would be necessary to make it so you can't catch them and you can still easily avoid them if needed. Good amount of endings and good balance on the difficulty- though I thought the trees were going to be more.

I see what you are going for...

Not bad but confusing. Indeed it's all about the acts you make, but I can barely find myself in the patience to finsish it.

Not a bad game, just needs a little work. Nothing too serious, I mean you've got the right graphics, but you should work on finding a new concept.


I'm rather confused. Am I supposed to be helping my fellow patients? I took all my patients into the hospital and got the "Hospital Full" ending. What do I get out of it? Pleasure in the fact that I helped them? I ate all the apples and got the "Hungry Like The Wolf" ending...am I supposed to feel guilty for my decision of not giving them to my patients? I walked amongst the sick for a certain amount of time and got the "Still Human" ending I did nothing for them and they apparently got me sick and when I ran off the screen I got the "It's Greener Here" ending...because I am trying to escape?Sweet, But why did I get these? What was the point? Am I supposed to be learning something, enjoying myself or is the point of this game just for me to be confused?

SoftHope responds:

That is a really good comment, really constructive. I will try to answer the best that I can. The game is not trying to be fun (that explained the bad scoring). I think you got a lot more about the game then you think. The purpose of the game is to ask yourselft questions about your acts. Which you have clearly done. You have fully experienced the game.

The game have no correct ending, no correct way to play it and no correct way to appreciate it (if appreciable). The game have only one purpose to make you think a little.

(title in work)

This really needs a lot more instruction to it. I'm trying to read your description on what to do, and honestly it makes very little sense. And playing the game to try to get a sense of what to do is pretty hard as well. There doesn't seem to be a consequence to doing anything, or any reward for doing other things. I'm quite confused.

I was a bit confused

I didn't really understand what was supposed to happen either.. were we supposed to lead them to the hospital, or to the applies? And what were the red and green people supposed to be representing? A brief explanation as to what was what would have been helpful.

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Dec 1, 2009
12:11 PM EST
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