Rocket Launcher

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This is a simple action/skill game I made in a few days. You have to buy, and upgrade model rockets, fly through circles for money, etc and in the end you have to launch a model rocket into space. Have fun!

P.S. : Every kind of feedback (positive/negative) is welcome. And also feel free to put this game on your website.

UPDATE: Sound and music fixed. The users that loaded the game when it had the problem might need to refresh the cache of their browsers.


I love it!

It wasnt revolutionary like a previous poster said but it caught my attention and held it thats all it needs. More upgrades more action add some funnies i like your work man keep up the awesome work. Ive played alot of games with just a bunch of pointless upgrades that only held my attention because I'm a perfectionist i like yours better it held my attention because it was fun not a droll of seemingly endless upgrades leading nowhere yours acually had a goal very nice and i hope to see more from you!

BlueOrbit responds:

Thank you very much for the detailed review, and thank you very much for the score!!!

I liked it!

It wasn't revolutionary, but it wasn't trying to be. My biggest suggestion would be to be sillier! Birds and satellites are nice, but what about helicopters, aliens, superheroes, etc.? Why not allow a force field upgrade that (temporarily, of course) electrocutes any stupid pigeons that get in its way?

Overall, I liked it, and encourage you to keep it up!

BlueOrbit responds:

Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate it. I'll keep them in mind when I make similar games in the future. Also thanks for the score.

nice game

I agree that you are a newbie, and that is a nice begin, but i think you could do it better... I think that dont needs day count, you could finish the game after upgrade all than you keep playing if you want..
but is very addict :) good job

BlueOrbit responds:

I am a newbie, but this isn't really my first game, I created some in the past. The day count was added because of the high scores. Of course I could have done it some other ways, but this approach seemed simpler.
Thank you for your review.


it's a bit 2 easy...
finished in 10 days
(2nd place on mochigames :D)
overall very nice
simple concept (that's positive :P)

BlueOrbit responds:

Well congratulations then! (Although the game is relatively "fresh" so it hasn't appeared on many sites yet, and only a few people have played it, I'm pretty sure you'll have lots of competitors in the next few days)

Thank you for the review.

very nicee.

The music was fantastically hilarious,
which kept me playing lol.
the satellites are hard to get by!!

BlueOrbit responds:

I'm glad that you enjoyed the music.

I agree that the satellites can be hard to get by, I just hope it wasn't too hard for anyone. I didn't want to make the game too easy, that way it wouldn't be challenging.

Anyway thanks for the review.

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3.27 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2009
11:00 AM EST
Skill - Other