Dope Gang XD

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Here comes the new age of dealing dopes. Build your own mafia, buy guns, survive the police, travel the world, buy businesses and expand your empire!

This game is a re-submission of an older game Dope Gang XD.
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/519701
It was deleted earlier today because of the countless bug reports.
I am glad to say that those are now fixed, and this is the new version.
The mentioned bugs made the old version 100% unplayable.
Tons of major updates were done, thus I opted to resubmit.

Here are the updates done:
- Cannot end game, no death, no god father punishment, etc.
- Fixed Businesses daily income. Now adds
- Fixed Godfather borrow / pay. Adds as numbers now.
- Fixed score visuals at the game over screen
and many more...

Please feel free to contact me for bus reports / comments / suggestions.


can someone teach me about this game.i dont know how to play his gaem

really good game but only 50 days make a no limit game please

Now, I agree that the bank is a little useless without any interest. But it is a good idea with the less amount of money robbed but I think that you should add a little interest to the bank.

game glitched out and gave me 3 million :)
but still good game

Got a nice glitch

I borrowed $400 from the godfather in the first day and my cash got to 500400, so 500k after repaying. Replayed and it happened again.

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3.25 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2009
8:33 AM EST
Simulation - Job