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Angel and the Fox

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Well, took me a good thirteen or fourteen hours to make this, over two days.
Boy am i tired -__-
Eitherway made this based off a friends story, so here you go and hope you enjoy it!
Seems i've gotten abit better with flash but i still have a long way to go XD but eitherway enjoy it guys, vote high, give good reviews and all that jazz XD and i hope you look forward to more work from me :)


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marvelous simply marvelous

it shows how far a person is willing to go when they care about others, all he wanted for her is to be free ^_^



Jamieneo66 responds:

Thanks alot, i'm glad you liked it ^^


I was hoping for better... good try though. There wasn't much of a flash in this flash at all, if you get what I mean.

Jamieneo66 responds:

Nah i get what you mean
when part two comes out(when the writer does it >.>) there'll be alot more animation to it ^^ as i've been messing around with movement and such, its just the whole turning that annoys me at the moment, like when someone turns there face but eitherway it'll be better :D

Aww cuteness

Love the story - it reminds me of a story me and a friend wrote about a fox boy and a girl with brown wings. Kind of similar :D
The lipsync is good, by the way ^__^

Jamieneo66 responds:

Thanks, i rarely do lipsync but i only just recently remembered onion skin near the end of teh flash and i thought, "I can't be bothered to redo this" as i threw my arms up into the air.
So keep in mind, the next one will have abit more animation to it as i'll use onion skinning to redraw it s oi can try and make them turn and things like moving arms and stuff with be alot smoother ^^
so please, look forward to it :D

(title in work)

That was alright, I suppose. It's a simple story, that covers up any background, like why she is in the cage, which is kind of disappointing. Hopefully any future work on this story will reveal a bit more instead of covering it up. The music was a good choice, but the graphics were pretty lame. Animations were nil, and the use of mostly outlines was a bit cheap.

Jamieneo66 responds:

Well it wasn't planned for it really be a coloured animation save for one or two pieces, and there wasn't a great deal of animation avaliable due to the original idea =]

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4.14 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2009
10:38 PM EST