2D Action Engine

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This is an engine I've made in the past 2 days that I'd LOVE more than anything to make into a full game but don't have the know-how to make a platformer combined with a brawler. I can only make a flat ground for the people to move on. And I don't know how to control duplicated movie clips.
Let's just say I don't know much about the topic at all.
But this engine has gravity and friction which I was proud of making on my first attempt ever. :)


A - Attack
A, A - 2-Hit Combo
UP + A - Uppercut
W - Jump
W, W - Double Jump
Q - Use Equipped Magic
1,2,3 - Change Equipped Magic
D - Open Menu

If someone wants to help me make this game as a Collaberitive Effort thingo, I'd be more than happy to help. Or even if anyone could PM me with some of the help I needed (mentioned above)

Hope you enjoy this engine. I'll probably add more to it over time and update this one.


not bad

yh not bad i guess >_>

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good graphics (te main charactor) good style anmd concept keep this up just spend more ime on back round and enemy graphics and fix the combat engin a bit add platforms and such pratice and when your able to do those thing i garentee the fornt page at least ^_^

Not to Much

There really is not much to do, I mean, you run and jump and attack (all good macanics). You just need better art (I would recemend pixel art myself) and levels.
To duplicate a symbal just copy it, paste it, and if theres no script then copy and paste the script. Once you copy the script once, thats all you'll paste intill you copy something else. The only object is a sword too, the others don't work. Add other platforms and levels, better art and more enemys (diffrent types too) you would have a award (in the ng sence) earning game.


I just think the movement controls were kinda messed. Like, attacking with A, jumping with W and moving with arrows. Why not jumping with arrow up, or movin with WASD? Anyway, my suggestion is about the enemy attack. It would be better if the enemy didnt get on top of the character while attacking. It gotta be a little distance from eachother, for better viewing and defense. Anyway, i liked very much. The movement was fluid and well done.

Good luck finishing your work.

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There's no point to this flash at all. If there was a plot or a reason this was made then maybe I'd have given you a higher score but sadly neither of those exist in this flash so-

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2.34 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2009
5:21 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler