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The Brotherhood

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Author Comments

Ive been a fan of newgrounds for over 6 years now and have been playing around with flash for a long time. This is my first submission and i hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed making it.

To explain it, im a mandalorian fanboy from the star wars universe and havnt seen any of that content on this site so i thought i would contribute it to those fan boys like me :P

be nice, rate, and enjoy.


GO GO POWER STAR WARS! Very cool animation! ;P


Good flash!

I thought the music was great but it was a little hard on the ears.

I liked it.

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Cronicle responds:

i dont know why the quality of the music dropped when putting it into flash. Ill work on it and improve it.


Bounty Hunterrr!!!!!!!!....yeaaah!!!!!!!!

Great stuff

I liked this.
-Pros: The animation wasn't too bad. You're introducing something that's pretty rare around here (the Star Wars collection has NOTHING on Mandalorians). As soon as I saw the preloaded start menu, I knew this had to be good.
-Cons: I'm not sure if that rtnario selection was appropriate for the battle scene. It seemed to me like it 'contradicted' the primal intro music. Your flag waving wasn't the most believable I've seen, but you still made a great effort! Your firing pistols weren't very believable either. I don't think lasers make the same popping sound as a pistol, seeing as they're not firing a solid object. The planet somehow changed colors from a barren yellowed wasteland on the surface to a lush green planet as you zoom out.
-Suggestions: Possibly seek out a more suitable music selection for the battle scene. Maybe it's just me, but something like that fast paced drum beat you hear in the SW Bounty Hunter trailer would've been better in my opinion. Work on your pistols please! Mandalorians didn't fire silver boxes with holes in the front. Were you trying to represent the Ripper or something? Find some better sound effects...those pistol shots were painful. Make sure you keep up with your continuity. I didn't like seeing that planet change colors.
*Overall this was a great starting flash. There weren't too many problems. I'm glad someone chose to do something over the forgotten Mandalorians.

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Cronicle responds:

Thanks. Yea ill definably try and work on my sounds and music. Ill keep this in mind for my next flash.


Animation was good, sound was a little off and not to interesting and it wasn't entirely that original. But your work with flash is apparent. Take a class or watch a tutorial before your next one and I willing to bet I'll give a 10/10 and 5/5 then. For now, you'll have to settle for 7/10 and 3/5.

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Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2009
7:51 PM EST