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Hey, Cowboy

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Author Comments

Dras Vitsi,

please for to be viewink my very first flash submissink to the govern...i mean... "newgrounds.com"

It has starink, ...how you say... "ally-gator," vomitink pink clouds. is very amusink. Also, how you say. Lee "Motherfucking" Hazlewood is doink the musics!

Spaceba Bolshoi,
Jacob, not a Russian.

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Oddly cool

The artwork is ok, the animation is good. Either there should be more on either side and it be a screensaver, or you should add a lot more content. What is making the dragon vomit purple clouds? Is there anything below the clouds? What's going on with the rest of the dragon? Are things coming out of its other orifices? Different colored clouds perhaps? Did it eat a cowboy? You should add more to answer these questions. (And answer them all, Yes)

jacobwillman responds:

thanks. The Song is called Hey Cowboy. i just thought that the image of a continually vomiting alligator and the music was a funny combination, and that's really all it's supposed to be. no backstory. i appreciate your feedback, though!


The part that stuck out the most had to be the great purplish color you used for the clouds, very nicely designed. Its kinda pretty and kinda gross at the same time. I thought the song was a bit weird but so was your flash loop so it suited together nicely. The only thing i wouls suggest is perhaps a little more detail to your background to break the large amount of purple.

jacobwillman responds:

i will take this critique into consideration. i was thinking of animating the clouds just a little. i do agree that i should put a bit more detail into the F/G, but i don't want to over-do it.

(title in work)

Well it has the graphics, which were pretty good. Nice drawings and animation of the clouds. That looked nice. Put your talent to work with something more meaningful. Something with a storyline and characters. This is funny for a bit I guess, just in it's randomness, but it gets old pretty quickly.

jacobwillman responds:

Yeah, i can only watch it for a few seconds before i'm like "alright. turn it off."

i am actually working on something bigger with a story and characters. Thanks for watching!

actually like it

it looks smooth, i guess its a good start for someone whose interested in frame by frame animations. Shows us youhv got potential and a prety sweet lookin style. I hope nobody tries to read further into this movie (and deem you and idiot for making such a pointless movie), its just an animators exercise wich came out lookin nice, embrace the awesome simplicity people!!. :) Might I remind anyone who discredits this movie that not long ago dan paladin used to make movies like this , i mean particularily the one regarding a loop of a clown wipping his d*** around, and its still got a pretty decent score. Later on everyone realized he was probabily the best animator on newgrounds at the time.

jacobwillman responds:

Yeah, this is my first animation, actually. well, i've done some lipsync and a walk cycle or two, but nothing fully realized, before this one.

i'm so glad that you get it. it's a joke; a simple sight gag. also, thanks for seeing potential in my work. this will not be the last flash animation i do. i'm working on something new, and hopefully it's better than this.

Stupid but funny

This is the stupidest thing ever.. but it cracked me up.. LOL

jacobwillman responds:


Credits & Info

Waiting for 1 more votes

Nov 29, 2009
6:27 PM EST