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Mystic Quest episode 4

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HAI GUYS! Woo, Mystic Quest eh? It's been a long time. Well, This is episode four, by far the longest and best, it fetures Ralph from Zelda and getting the first crystal. Sorry if it's a bit fast, you konw me, a bit fast, anyway, make sure to wacth the other three episodes before this one, and as always, vote 5.
I have a feeling this will get blammed O.o

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That was, In general, a nice movie, and I'm surprised that I actually liked it. The sprite animation could have used some work, but, other than that, it was nice

CubePanda responds:

Thank you for your review.

Great storyline :D

This is great improvement from other Mystic Quest episodes ^-^
Some examples are enemies fading out when dead,
figures always moving, no actionscript flaws,
and overall- well worked out episode!

Dude, I want you to know, you're getting better at this :D

CubePanda responds:

Thanks Krizy, Ben returns in the next episode and steals from Ralphs body XD

Ya know what......

I actually enjoyed it!
I must say
I couldn't see the text near the end because it was off screen
but other then that
nice job!
I'm gunnu go check out the others.
Well done my friend
well done.

CubePanda responds:

Thanks :D I've been having mosty bad reviews but thank you kind sir :D

hate it

if this is really a series, end it now, for everyones sake just end it -.-

CubePanda responds:

Go die, that's the worst review ever, you havn't even explained why it's bad. Plus there are people that like it so seriously go fuck off.


its way too fast and the text is kinda sh1tty ehm.. yea thats it

CubePanda responds:

Way to go douche bag, you can't spell the word shitty. Just go fucking die, this Flash is good and you know it.