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A Bowser Short.

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Author Comments

A quick project, nothing too serious, I wanted to show something that might inspire a quick/ cheap laugh. Haha It was just an idea I had over the weekend that didn't take too much time; I wanted it to be reminicent of the old 1998-2001 mario flashes, but with a new paper mario spin. I hope you enjoy it, if not, well don't leave a review because I really don't value artistic critiques from this site they have little substance to me and they will go un-replied.


And go watch my other movies:

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(EDIT:) loading bar is wierd, don't worry about it.

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animation was ehh funny and short the button bowser pushed looked weird and wtf is up with backround at begging lol

haha work on the hammer thing

some giant turtle demon taken out buy a short fat plummer

i mean really? hahah good work man, cant wait for more


awesome only thing is that its too short

Eastbeast responds:

yea i only made it in a day


The goomba was funny! He made some very real points! UR VIDS ROCK!!!!!!

ha ha ha!

It take Bowser year after year of dying to figure out that he can just squash him with a thwomp...BRILLIANT!