Escape to Your Ship 2

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This is also called 'Escape to Your Ship: Race to Life'. I had to call it 'Escape to Your Ship 2' because the other name uses too many characters.

Anyway, Wolflink289 and Mowgomorgan are proud to present: Escape to Your Ship: Race to Life

New features as of 1.0.0 (and of the old game):
2 Great looking ships (and a rocket),
New UI,
New game play style,
Mini games,
A story with level select,
Four story chapters (and a payback attack mode in which you can shoot lasers!),
and more!

After SOOOO long, I'm finally releasing my public version. You used to be able to find by beta (which is now replaced by the public) version at wolflink289.com.


It's ok

It's not that great but it does have some potential. I could see a platform game with this but not really a button mash game. Graphics are ok for the most part, UFOs are drawn pretty well I gotta give you that. Stick figure is ok. I like the minigames though, the mine minigame is alright, good concept.

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Okay game

i have NO idea why i liked this game, maybe it was the righting or the minigames, but i liked it. Keep up the good werk!

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wolflink289 responds:


To say Good or not to say Good!!

Its not bad of a game.
Positive : Easy,Idea is good,Its new.

Negative: Graphics need work, the text should disappear

I gave you 9/10 because its not horrible like some game on here and its different. Next submission make it better then this one so I can give you a 10 star rating.

Thank you for making it.

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wolflink289 responds:

Okay... I will add a new extra game play mode in version 1.5


decent but keep practicing!

wolflink289 responds:

Okay. Next up will be Key Kombo mode. (Yes I spelled it with a k on purpose)

i cant

i cant really comment on this, its not too interesting and not fun to play , i cant see the fun of pressing the spacebar to move a little badly drawn stick guy from side to side , original yes, fun no . add something other then some minigames and you will have a better game , also put a kill switch for the music , my ears hurt dude. oh yeah and i broke my spacebar :) ( not your fault )

wolflink289 responds:

Sorry to hear that you broke your space bar. Thanks for the review! I will redraw some of the graphics.Also, if you beat the game, you get an option in the extras that lets you play bonus mini games. Yeah... a music kill will help big time... thanks

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2.59 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2009
12:55 AM EST
Skill - Typing