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Puppetry of the ballsack

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Comedy - Original

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Nov 28, 2009 | 7:10 PM EST

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Author Comments

This paticular piece is based on a piece by Hrothgar Nojorg and depicts puppetry of the ballsack.



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Didn't like it

I'll be flat out honest, didn't like it. I feel I really shouldn't have to explain more because my reasoning seems rather obvious... but for those who understand... I guess I'm not a fan of watching a pair of testicles shake around to mediocre music. That's just me, maybe there's someone else who finds it interesting. In that case, more power to ya. Me... I'm gonna go find some tits (lol).

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TomatoClock responds:

awww a closet gay. how cute. It makes you uncomfortable to see some balls. Go look at some tits and make yourself feel straight.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

mwhua ha ha ha

shake shake shake, shake shake shake

shake your ball sack

TomatoClock responds:

The further we go into the relm of the ballsack, the louder the drums will get. CANNIBALISTIC desires flow throughout the repetitive beat of the music and also that the bass drum has been used, also extends the elesticity of the scrotal sac, due to the loud vibrations.


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The coming of age

There are movies now and then that present an unprecedented level of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity. This is one of those movies. Puppetry of the ballsack, a late 2009 work by Tomato Clock, presents to us a problem: the ballsack, and its role in a postmodern society. How do we find ourselves a solution to this issue?

First, we venture into what is seen as the motion of the sack, extending to the pounding drum of music. We slowly realize that repitition, what the ballsack emphasizes throughout the film, is the core belief structure of the ballsack. Moving back and forth, it implies the motions of society, and how we all simply repeat ourselves from day to day. It also makes an incredible statement on reproduction, and the fact that it is the one repeated variable in human history; the one variable which keeps us in existence.

The fact that the movie is nothing but the ballsack, perfectly addresses the fact that reproduction is the only significant factor in the survival of the human race. We are what we are, but in the end, we must make another.

There are many great works brought to the table by Tomato Clock, and Puppety of the ballsack is just one of the many. I highly suggest one to delve further into the history of this brilliant flash artist.

TomatoClock responds:

Excellent point milkclock. Might i add that Vincent Van Ballsack had a bit to do with the inspiration for this as well. The core belief structure of the ballsack i might add, is to release the sperm, further extending the fact that reproduction is absolutely essential to the survival of our species.