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Halcyon [grey]

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This is neither a movie nor a game.

It's purpose is to create unintrusive background noise, useful for when you want something making sound in the background, but don't want anything distracting.

Notes are triggered at random, the approximate rate can be adjusted using the slider at the top.

If anyone likes this, I will make other versions with diferent moods and sounds.

(no preloader, since it should load in ~3 seconds on slow DSL)

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Experimental indeed

The thing I found weird was that I was wondering was this wasn't an audio submission. Unless of course, these sounds are random and can't be contained. If so, then I tip my hat to you for making something interesting. As most experimental flashes go, it does great for what it's supposed to be. For people who want plot, well, this isn't the kind of submission you're going to want to see. This is probably the first time I got something that the creator said wasn't a movie or game.

There could have been some more music, but it's hard to critique this. It's like watching a video of a guy eating a burger for three minutes. I guess I can give you credit on it being unpredictable, or at least I think it was. It probably is worth checking out, simply because of how ridiculous it is. The colors, what little there are, are nicely done with shades.


it helps

What the hell?!?

This was the stupidest thing ever!

I love it

This is the perfect form of white noise, completely random, completely unobtrusive. I have this on in the background a lot now.

As for improvements, I would like a little bit of control. Maybe let the user set up a predefined pattern and play it? Maybe let the user select a pattern and generate a random deviation of that? That would be cool. Only other thing you could do is give a much larger soundgrid, and the ability for the tool to chose different tones of the same sound.


Aw... awsome dood this so nice it makes me sleepy.


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3.38 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2009
6:34 AM EST