Hoichi the Earless ch.2

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Every night, Hoichi left the temple secretly.
So the priest instructed the servants of the temple to keep watch upon Hoichi's movements, and to follow him.
At night, Hoichi left the temple and the servants followed after him...
Japanese classic horror story with Japanese Ascii Arts!

It has English subtitles and Japanese subtitles.
I intended to make Japanese subtitles easy. So try to read it with English subtitles.
I'm waiting for your reviews which has some Japanese words.

Thank you for having used some songs, Jorma Poyer (Deflektor)!
Please watch and enjoy the story!

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The animation itself was decent, but the style was very original and clever.

i found it boring

maybe cuz i dont like the story but i fall assleep
anyway i liked the animation its cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the only thing that sves u
from bad score

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