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Heroic Sports Football

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Sports - Soccer

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Nov 27, 2009 | 1:25 AM EST

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Author Comments

It is the year 2030. Football has evolved.

Heroic Sports Football is a faced paced fantasy football game in which you build a team of rookies, set up a football club and then take on the greatest teams the world has to offer.

Alright Newgrounders! This is a 6MB download, the 1.3kb file size mentioned is wrong. To control the game, use the following keys

X - Kick/Tackle C - Pass/Switch players V- Sprint (hold)

Like all my games, this is a game that can be bought. Now, and this is important, I just wanted to mention a few things before the flood of comments flood my way.

* I respect Newgrounds as one of the toughest audiences out there. Any feedback from here is hard hitting and brutal, and that's fair enough. If a game does well on NG, it's going to do well across the web.
* I fully expect 99.99% of you to not buy a copy of this game - you're just not the audience who buy online games. That's okay, I didn't buy anything when I was a teenager either. What I'm after from you, hopefully, is for this game to be played lots, for the word to spread, the feedback from here is invaluable and hopefully you enjoy what you see.
* If you're going to write comments that's fantastic - but please don't write "Demo FAIL" and similar, it's not clever or helpful. I'd hope that anything I post here is of such size that it doesn't feel like a demo.
* I've worked pretty hard on this the last 5 months, I'm confident it's one of the best Flash soccer games on the net - I hope you like it - if it runs slowly for you, you can turn the graphic details down.

Anyway, having said that, please enjoy Heroic Sports Football and if you like it , spread the word!

Cheers Oliver



Rated 5 / 5 stars


THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


good as always! even though this is only a demo.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome game, could be Spectacular

Alright hechaos, First i want to say that I have specifically created an account just so I could post on this flash game, since I read your responses.

This game was released about a month ago, and it only has 9 reviews and such, something I don't particularly understand.

Your swords and sandals games are great, and I was excited to see that you came up with a new game, and this time, it reminded me of the old game cyberball when you could make your own team and buy new upgrades, etc.
The principle of the game, and the idea is really second to none, and I feel like I want to purchase the game, but the implementation utilized is somewhat lacking, and keeps me from buying the game: heres why.

#1 Controls on the field are difficult.
In every single soccer game, or sports game, even on nintendo, we had the ability to select the player closest to the ball, which we do not have in this game (it auto selects.) this is very frustrating when I have a guy with an axe, and all these upgrades unable to beat down the enemy player cause I am not controlling him (instead controlling a low budget draft pick.)

#2 Limitations.
Now I am fully aware you cant buy X Y and Z because it's a demo, which is fine, but im talking about the SIMULATE button, only able to be used 5 times. I want to use it more. In the full version, is it useable more? I hope so. Sometimes I have a rock star team and I just don't feel like playing the next round.

#3 Lack of clarity
So in terms of leveling up your character, your star player... how do you do this? Is it like in swords and sandals, where you add stat points? I had played about 9 games and still have not seen a levelup screen for my star player. Are we forced into buying upgrades the whole time? Is his leveling determined specifically by the amount of goals/tackles/passes he initiates?

Ok now I can't really think of anything that's bad other than that. The whole game idea is really awesome. I am probably going to even play the demo once again after this.

Kudos to creating this game, i have bought swords and sandals 3 from fizzy, so I have definatley funded your work, as the game was certainly fun. i will buy this game as well, probably. Just keep on trucking and understand that most of these reviewers don't appreciate your skill.

Having said that, if you're going to charge money, please listen to feedback.
Thanks again hechaos.

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hechaos responds:

Hey Bronze, thanks for your detailed review mate! I'm in the process of doing a "version 1.5" update to the game which will go live in about 10 days... I will incorporate some of your suggestions, they're all very vaild points and I appreciate you taking the time to write ! Cheers man.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice!!

Very nice game. It was a bit hard at first for me, but later I want to play it again and again! The game plays very well, I find it hard to defend though. I really like it that you have health for each player, that makes this game unique!

The are some points to improve, though. It would be nice if there was a carreer mode, and that you could level up your characters (a career mode like in FIFA Football).

The game is good overall. But could be better with more modes and more depth.

The Rankings:

Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sounds: 9/10
Replay: 7/10

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hechaos responds:

Hey Superhero! There is a career mode and you can level up your characters.. it's probably not very clear, but instead of selecting "Quick Game" , try going to the "New Team" from the menu.

Cheers, thanks for the review!


Rated 2 / 5 stars



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hechaos responds:

Wow.... that review fails on so many levels. I won't flag you as abusive but you'd do well to become friends with a dictionary before you graduate school, or the only game you'll be playing is real-life "Diner Dash" at your local Taco Bell for the rest of your life.