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Dodge fireballs (and falling boulders on Hard difficulty) and navigate around rocky outcroppings that jut out from either side of the passageway as you fly through an erupting volcano!

The longer you survive, the higher your score but the more difficult the game becomes.

How to play:

Use the mouse to steer your ship around the rocky outcroppings and to dodge the fireballs and boulders.

Hitting any of these hazards will destroy your ship.

Related news:

There is a sequel (of sorts) to Eruption in the works -- for anyone who might be interested, there's a news post with a couple of game play videos here: http://thewasabiproject.n ewgrounds.com/news/post/4 33343



its getting really challenging after a while xD


Man I love these kind of games. I love the challenge. Of course, beating the fire level in Gradius III helped, and this one game on an old computer (that I can't for the life of me recall the name of) that had sequences like this.

Decent game

Decent game, it was fun for five minutes but got old.
BTW didn't you steal the graphics from Tyrian 2K?

not too shabby

A good game , and fun . i wouldnt really play it for long but i know many others will love this kind of game. good work .

Great game for it's purpose

Played this game for a bit and had a very enjoyable time. It is well put together; the coding is solid and covers everything you would expect/want in a game (including online scoreboard and an auto-pause when clicking somewhere outside of the screen), the music goes well with the situation, the sounds are perfectly suitable.
A couple suggestions for improval would be to make the text in the first menu easier to read, and make one small adjustment to 'hard mode'. Those choke points that you have to navigate through become inevitable death traps when a fireball and a boulder decide to collide with each other right in the entrance. When the speed of hard mode gets really fast, getting through the choke point in this scenario is literally impossible, and might as well just be a solid wall.

But I thought this game was great and well deserving of a high score. It's disappointing to see other people came and voted lower just because they wanted to play a different type of game.

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3.77 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2009
10:37 PM EST
Skill - Avoid