Resident Evil: The Escape

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This is the flash work I've done for the RE:TE Mod thats in production for Half-Life.

With the release of the new Resident Evil remake for Gamecube, I would think there would be a good demand for a playable RE game on the PC, and with this mod in production, publicity for it wouldnt hurt -_^.

So without further ado, I present to you Resident Evil : The Escape.

Note(s): -The story line may change soon, if so the movie will be modified and re-introduced to the public.

-I've read the newspage for newgrounds.com and noticed a letter about subtitles. On a later date I will add subtitles for the hearing-impaired or people with no sound on their pc ;p

-Also, the RE:TE website is http://www.re-te.com


Hope this is still being worked on

I think this would make an excellent half-life mod, even if half-life is kind of old by now. There's still a decent number of counterstrikers and TFC'ers out there, and I think a resident evil themed FPS could gain good popularity.

to Death Scyte

Death Scyte, did you spaell your name wrong on purpose?

hummmm what to say :S

Hummm don't now what to say about this. some of the characters look good, but the rest look like paper bags.

the only one realy looking 3D whas the police chief.

the only good thing about this movie whas the voice(s), the rest whas boring crap. sorry to say but i find this piece of shit, not good for newgrounds :S

Dog shit

It looks cool and the voice acting is great, but u stole all the models but the officer from the resident evil series, ive seen the models that your REALLY using and they look like melted plastic army men. NG should remove this embarresment to the series.howerver I do admire the style and voice acting, but you are a plaugerizing bastard, and youre mod looks like monkeys made it! This is shameful work and you are a waste of carbon.Thank you and good night.

Well if was really good but not perfect!

It was a good pice of shit this time but why do you call it RE the escape you shoud name it RE2 The escape!

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3.51 / 5.00

May 13, 2002
1:29 PM EDT