Mouse Operated Instrument

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To play, click and drag your mouse across the hexagon board. For the best results, move your mouse in straight lines along the diagonal rows of hexagons.

You should sound like Jordan Rudess in no time!

Credit for the original design goes to Peter Davies, who owns patents for the design internationally. Please check out:
http://www.theshapeofmusi c.com
http://www.youtube.com/no tepool2

To those of you who may not be exactly music experts but are still musically curious, feel free to express your views, e.g. features you may like to have added. Someone suggested being able to write music.

But, to those of you who are all "O NOES BLAM THIS CRAP" because you have no clue what this is or don't know what you are doing, pleased don't rate or comment on this submission. Honestly. Don't embarrass yourself and go take a music lesson, THEN maybe your input will be worth anything.



Stated In the description, the author said that you must 'take a fucking music lesson' in order to be able to play this?

This disgusts me, and the arrogance pisses me of.

Not only does the arrogance piss me off, but give a time to justify why this is god-aweful,

its just a series of hexagonal notes, were one has to drag his mouse along it which results in a godaweful NOISE THAT IS PAINFULL TO YOUR EARS, and I can see no one with any form of musical ablilty could benefit from this, as you cannot generate your own music, only the notes, which MUST be playe via dragging your mouse diagonally across the screen?

Although im not musical, I think that this 'game' would not appeal to 89% of the newgrounds population,

and yet im still asking myself, or for someone to actually say

..What is this actually?

Nameless12345 responds:


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3.80 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2009
7:00 PM EST
Gadgets - Musical