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Mouse Operated Instrument

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Author Comments

Thanks for viewing this page! Give the flash a few seconds to load (depending on your connection speed.)

To play, click and drag your mouse across the hexagon board. For the best results, move your mouse in straight lines along the diagonal rows of hexagons.

You should sound like Jordan Rudess in no time!

Credit for the original design goes to Peter Davies, who owns patents for the design internationally. Please check out:
http://www.theshapeofmusi c.com
http://www.youtube.com/no tepool2

To those of you who may not be exactly music experts but are still musically curious, feel free to express your views, e.g. features you may like to have added. Someone suggested being able to write music.

But, to those of you who are all "O NOES BLAM THIS CRAP" because you have no clue what this is or don't know what you are doing, pleased don't rate or comment on this submission. Honestly. Don't embarrass yourself and go take a music lesson, THEN maybe your input will be worth anything.

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i dont know how i use the game,sorry for the puntuation :p

These Haters Gonna Hate On MOI

But really, this is good. I've taken music theory in high school, and yes, I do understand how this is helpful. I've read these other crap reviews that are honestly meaningless to me because they say to me: "HERP DERP, uh, what does this do for me?". Well, I can tell this is more of a tool for creation, clicking and dragging adjacent hexagons yields best results for me, it's very helpful for coming up with a tune, creating a melody or bassline. I'm not the best composer and this tool gives me some inspiration.

Now for the part you would really like to hear from me, you've been waiting for someone to ask for some more form and function to your proudest creation: I'd like there to be a way to sustain a note to build a chord with this (I suggest using shift+click), plus more notes, possibly LESS transposing (-50 to 50 is way too much) and it would be nice if that dynamic text box displayed the key and not an integer, if possible, and increase the sound library, if you can find a way to get away from the square wave, I understand you have pitch bending in this. I don't understand what the hexagon colors mean in this, either.

Gah I've written a bunch, but I really feel bad you got all those ignorant reviews!.. I wanted to end saying that I have written/played some music, I have written some code, and created some graphics, and I must say the most difficult is coding and you can spend countless hours thinking of the right logic to get the computer to do what you want. I'm a computer science major in college as of now and I hope to get better at that by graduation! Take it easy, man.


Dude, this is amazing. Seriously. Besides being impressive, it's practical. Great job.

I played with this for at least a half hour.

It's fun! But I also wouldn't mind seeing the cheesy fighting and death animations of stick figures made in Pivot.

this a cool thing

this is cool ima add this to my fav's ................try doing the mario theme with this.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2009
7:00 PM EST