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JPB '09 Animation History

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Author Comments

I Know The first animations are bad, this is supposed to show my improvement, please dont rate basing on those!

Check Out The Evolution of My Animating Skills Throughout 2009!!!

Alright, so this is a little experiment of mine, i've always did lots of animations, but all short ones, right here you can check my animations, and see my animating skills evolving, as i start out as a noob from 6 months ago, learn some of the basic of animation with the great pixel tool, and then start making some really good animations (maybe not so good, but a great progress overall!)
This Installment of JPB Animation History wont have a big amount of animations, since i've been mainly programming throughout the year...

Once the animations finish the music will end, and a really ramdom animation will start, that's supposed to be like that :P

Hope You like it!


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Hardly a concise history of Animation, but I think this is well worked through. With the way that you started with Sticks and reasonably well drawn figures, then graduating to sprites, I think that you may have gone the wrong way about it, but if that's how you learned to animate, then who am I to judge.

I'd suggest that you come up with a narrative for that and have a voice actor come up with a nice sound for a narrator, just to alleviate the monotony of just the music, with short, sharp sound effects. It's a nice flash, but it could do with a little more, just to show what sort of a task it was to learn the finer points of animation.

Perhaps other chapters like getting a tablet would have helped, for example, as it's a little short and the progression steps are rather big jumps, which can take away from the finished article.

[Review Request Club]

Nice animations ;).

Maybe it is a little random, but I suppose it's experimental, so I can't complain about that. You have some good animations, even though some seem a little off.

The graphics aren't too good. In the section 'Getting Better', stuff like the running guy, and the um... ferret, were both badly drawn. Yeah, I suppose this focuses more on animation than graphics, but good graphics will boost your score a little. Speaking of animation, it was so-so. Obviously at the beginning it wasn't too good, but there was a significant improvement throughout the flash. The tiger's tail was well animated, and the running looked pretty cool. Sadly, the tiger getting up from the tree was a rather rough transition, so if there was any animation you could work on, it'd be that.

Concept isn't too original, but it's pretty cool to watch. Not much of a storyline; maybe with these little bits and pieces of animations you could make something totally new. Ferret at the end was cool though XD.

The audio is pretty weird. The song was way too quiet, didn't fit perfectly with the theme of the submission, and there weren't many sound effects, plus the only sound effect you put in the flash was nothing too special. Be a little more creative with your audio; add stuff like footsteps sound effects for the running part, nature ambience for the tiger part (and a loud thud and screeching when he falls to the ground), a bus sound effect for the bus part, etc. The ferret singing was kinda awesome though :D.

Well, it shows you have talent when it comes to animating, even if you just started. Now just try and implement these skills into a full flash ;).

-Review Request Club-

Good idea

I think the idea of this is very nice, but it's posted "too early". There's only three parts and part three is "getting better". There should be following some more parts like "still getting better", "vastly improving", etc. in there before you show this to a public audience.
While you indeed improved your skills and we can see it in this flash there's still a feeling that this flash isn't finished yet.

Of course you are still learning and improving and I can understand that you are eager to show it to a greater audience. But I still think you posted this idea too early.

{ Review Request Club }

interesting concept, very poor execution...

I think the concept of doing skits around learning how to animate is a good one.

That said the way you presented the idea didn't work, various of the skits weren't funny, and the animation ranged from god awful, to mediocre. Now while I understand that this may have been you're intention early on, even as the film progressed the animation didn't greatly improve.

The drawings fall victim to the same issues.
I do think it's a cool idea, but I also feel you should flesh out your script a bit more, and work on your animation skills.

I could see effort, and "heart" in this film, so you have those things going for you,
and if you work at it I think you can make something really salient, and awesome.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

Kind of meh..

Animation: Indeed you've gone through improving over time but you can still do a lot of improvement. As for the sprite section could have added a bit extra to both characters to give them a little bit more of a custom feel to it. The Hobb from Calvin and Hobb seemed to be alright for decent animating.

Storyline: Pretty much just you showing us three steps you've gone through in animating, learning, pixels, and finally just animating without use of pixels what so ever. Seems to be alright I guess.

Audio: Seemed to be fitting for only the second part with pixels, the music just before credits was certainly odd but made me giggle for a moment.

Overall: Even though these are phases you've been through you can still improve heavily.

Review Request Club


JPB responds:

Thanks, i just wanted to see what people actually thought about my animation, since the score lies a lot sometimes...
as for adding to the characters in the sprite part, i've actually made the twomp an angry faic twomp, but i guess that people didnt really noticed that, although i understand what you mean...

Credits & Info

1.44 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2009
9:27 AM EST