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My first flash movie. I hope to keep up with this and have it be a consistent series. As regular as possible. I'm pretty pleased with it.


NIce work!

Nice job! Did you write the script yourself? I like the natural "stoner" rhythm of the dialogue. The last line by the bus driver was hilarious! I noticed you talking about syncing in your response to the other review. I had some trouble with syncing on my first one too. Looks like we're both starting with flash around the same time. Best of luck on your next ones!

garythetramp responds:

thanks man. yeah, i wrote it although it's mostly improvising, really.


It's good for a first. But... It's not in sync. What you should focus on is not haveing the syncing down yet, but actually haveing some more frames. I mean it's just picture by picture with some voices. Work on having them move. Everything else like th background (Bus) was pretty good. The characters were also drawn pretty well. The problem is, is that you need to put some more time and effort in this.

Overall I think it's ok for a first. But spend more time with your flash. Get the syncing down, maybe put mood in the voices. Make it seem like the are really talking to each other. LIke an acutal conversation. (I'm not saying you don't have that down.)

Long review short, take time in your submissions.

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garythetramp responds:

Yeah, I had issues syncing the sound. Didn't know how to do it yet. I exported it with the audio waaay out of sync for it to come out slightly in sync...but I believe i've figured it out and fixed it in the second episode.
movement wise, i was doing more of a style thing, like Tom Goes to the Mayor or The Professor Brothers, but I see what you're saying. I think slowly but surly i'll make them move more and more. Thanks for the advice!

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Nov 26, 2009
8:12 AM EST
Comedy - Original