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This is Why You're Fat

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This game started only 48 hours ago with a bout of insomnia. Citnam carried the torch into another sleepless night to create something truly special that will touch all our hearts this Thanksgiving. Let's all think of the many reasons to be thankful... and fat. I truly am thankful for Flash. This wouldn't have been possible without you.
PUBLISHERS: Primary and Site licenses available!

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1st try: 3,313 ounds of FAT!!!!!!

Don't forget to substract 85 lbs of your score, because the guy was 85 lbs at the beggining before he ate turkeys.

15,975 LB.
For anyone hoping to get higher scores, there is a secret to this game. Do not start shooting right away. Wait until there are like 10, 8 seconds left. By then the screen will be full of turkeys. Open fire and just keep blasting. You should easily get 10,000 with this method.


i am suprised he doesn't explode