SoLF: Part 2

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Second part of the The Life Flower expedition.

The story begin when incidentally a medicine to cure cancer was found. So an expedition called The Life Flower is launched to find the flower.

Point and click to interact with the environment, if you stuck, press in-game walkthrough button.


Game Design : Belugerin Studios, Andy Cahyadi, Teguh Meirizky, Fikry Fauzi
Programmer : Andy Cahyadi aka Siput Ngebut
3D Artist :
- Teguh Meirizky
- Fikry Fauzi
Composer : Clea


Not bad

Continuing from part one, the English is much worse on part 2. Also, you start the game off with an action sequence and then the rest of the game is very slow. I think that's part of my problem with both parts. You have an interactive, exploration type game and then you throw in action scenes. I think it's distracting and the changes in pacing of the game takes away from the story I think.

Both parts are very short and on part 2, the models again look great, but since you lose detail on some of the smaller things, it's difficult to really guess what your next move is supposed to be. The sequence with the natives is kind of annoying for the fact you have to wait for them to reach their end location in order to fire upon them.

Jane's scene where you have to click her backpack to get a pair of scissors is kind of troublesome to find where to click on her. The story starts to seriously break down as you get to the end I think. Herbs to 'cure' a spear wound? Would make sense if perhaps it was a poisoned spear. The text during that part of the story moves too quickly to read for most people also.

When you get to the end and you confront the creature, that makes no sense to me at all. During the entire game there's nothing to suggest you'd run into anything of the sort and it seems slapped into the game and doesn't even feel like it belongs there. Little things like hinting at it with warnings from legends or anything like that would help tie it to your game without it feeling misplaced.

Overall I think you guys did a wonderful job visually, some of the controls are kind of wonky and the story as well as English needs a bit of work. The game is overall rather short and I would love to see a longer game with more story and a more polished game overall

same as part 1

looks real nice the gunfight scene was kind of dumb though. English could use some editing and there needs to be a mute button. Nice work though

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Nice game!!

wow part II is nice too..

This is the best point and click game that i ever play.. awesome at 3D graphic quality, nice gameplay, great storyline..

Combination between "point and click" game with puzzle, shooting game is nice and smooth :)

But, i think it's too easy and too short on gameplay..

Overall, it's a nice point and click game.. you must try this game guys :D


awesome. it was great just like the last one but theres just one problem..... HOW COULD YOU MAKE THE STORY END SO QUICKLY!? Don't get me wrong it was awesome and all but seriousley..... c'mon.

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4.33 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2009
2:48 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click