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Sun Creem

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This is my first "real" animation. Took way too long to make, but I'm proud of my self regardless :)

This ending was a tad rushed and the speed was messed up. Sorry I tried to put in a newgrounds loading bar or whatever but couldn't figure it out in under 30 seconds so I gave up. I'm sure it's easy and I'll put it in the next one.

I hope everyone who sees this gets a few chuckles out of it at the very least. Thank you!

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lol i totally started laughing when he got hit by the fireball. i thought it was pretty good. i really liked the music too. keep up the good work buddy


I can tell that u have a lot of raw talent 4 flashes and comedy. If u work on the depth and length a little more, u culd hav wat it takes 2 become one of the greats.


It's an interesting piece of art. I really thought that the animation was quite funny.
Work a little on the animation and you'll get some better scores from everybody.


It's not so bad. At least not as bad as I thought it would be. It was an ok flash. It still needs a little work here and there but you've got the main idea.

I am sure in no time you will be making superb flash. Keep up the hard work.

falling responds:

Well what a positive outlook for the future :D

Thanks a lot ;)


Very cute little flash you have designed here, the highlight for me had to be that great piano piece you had playing in the background it really setup the flash the perfect way. The humour was good i especially liked how he rolled onto his side and caught on fire. The character designs were great for the sun but the guy eating the ice cream could have had some more effort put into his appearance. Overall a funny short.

falling responds:

Thank you for the compliments and constructive criticism, appreciate it!