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The Hell Are My Legs 2

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Author Comments

This is another episode from the happy house of Ulrik Weum and his paraplegic problems. Coming soon on ITV4!

www.itv4.com/whereingodsn amearemygoddamnlegs

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Funny and entertaining

Haha very entertaining with this one, now i did finally get around to reviewing this and soon the others aswell, but i must say this was way too {SHORT} it being only the {2nd} episode and all, whatever happend to the 1st one???, also i noticed this flash {LOOPS} thats one thing you could probably fix, , ill explain down below, but again on the shortness of this, there are alot of episodes in this series and this was funny dont get me wrong, i even like the {VOICE} kinda like the clock voice thingy, but anyways, you did put some effort into this with, some interesting characters use of color, not much animation, and some so-so voices, but these could get better with some other ideas and new scenes, like you should make it {LONGER} and bring in more and new characters aswell as some new scenes and such, i find this series very funny, i hope you make more longer ones with abit more depth though.

Well first off ad more to these, make more of a story out of em, give the viewer something more to grasp onto that way you will have much more fants to something pretty delightfull here, and 2nd You could place a "STOP-ACTION-CODE" it will help for the looping that the flash does, it will make it so that the user presses play and at the end replay, you will also need the propper "PLAY" and "REPLAY" buttons aswell, feel free to stop by the "FLASH" Forums on the newground BBS as they will help you on how to add this script into your flash, A short animation you have here, maybe abit too short i would say to improve on the flash as a whole either make this one longer with much more content or, add more shorts in here such as about 3-5 short short animatins that way it doesnt seem like a waste of one flash space and also you get more viewing for alot of your work instead of just one piece, but anyways these are just a {FEW} things that could help to improve on this episode and this {SERIES} but anyways good luck.

A very funny and amusing short, abit too short if you ask me, but regardless it was entertaining



just wondering how did the other guy lose his legs?

Man I love this song.

It just makes the flash that much better. Hey so I must say, it's like the rest, but this one actually made me laugh the hardest. Why? Who knows, I just started laughing.

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
5:56 PM EST