Marlin Talks To A Girl

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MarlinClock finally talks to a girl.

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A nice little joke that is delivered quite well. However, the animations are again lacking here. It looked a bit weird when MarlinClock was moving across the screen from left to right when there was a sidewalk visible that began in the upper left corner and ended on the bottom near the middle of the screen. Makes me wonder where MarlinClock walks if not on the sidewalk?

The voices where again a bit hard to understand. Maybe you can add subtitles to make it easier to follow the conversation.

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PatriotClock responds:

thanks for the review

Standard gags

Ah, the standard gags of "Biggest erection ever", followed by "I don't see anything" is always a good way to compensate for a lack of plot generally. I was a little confused as to why the girl got sidetracked by the conversation, as opposed to either saying thank you and wandering off, or pushing harder for an answer, as opposed to discussing micro-cocks.

The animation isn't that bad - the cutting out of the woman was a little cursory, especially where it looks like you've taken a swathe out of her front lobe, leaving enough space for a generous helping of ice cream in there. Did you get Marlin Clock from the Florida Marlins baseball logo, or somewhere similar?

To complete this sketch, you might want to add the bit at the end where Marlin actually speaks to his friends at the Anime club about his brush with a girl. I'm sure they'd be able to take the piss in one way or another.

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PatriotClock responds:

marlins friends most likely dont exist. thanks

A bit rushed, maybe?

A fun sketch absolutely.

It's not the best Clockmovie you've made, but it has a decent joke with a quite good punchline.

The graphics are simple. I'm guessing you're using pre-made clocks for your clocks. The backgrounds are just pictures, not of particularly good quality. The cropping of the girl was also quite poorly done. You should've spent some more work on it, but at least you didn't leave the background white/black.

The speakonia voices you used are somewhat hard to understand at times, but most of the time it works out pretty well.

The joke was simple, but it was funny. You pulled it off pretty well, with awkward silences and a punchline at the end.

In general I'd like to see some more work done on the graphics part of things.

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PatriotClock responds:


very fun!

well, i liked it, gret movi! i loved the part where he talked about his team, and abt the whole ''anime grous'' hahahaha
i loved that one, my anime group?! vry fun. also great backgrnd. and very good drawing/photo of the lady and of the clock.

Very nice

High quality, and better than most things on the portal

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3.42 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
3:01 PM EST
Comedy - Original