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Author Comments


The song will soon be availble on the newgrounds audioportal. If your wondering.

But back to the flash. I did some Frame by Frame animation did my best to color it the best way i could :)
And tried to use my original drawing skills! Hope you peeps like it ;)


The problem about the character walking should be resolved now :)


Nice animation...

but is all he gonna do is run?

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YouriX responds:

Run and run and run without a care in the world!

Brilliant first effort

This may be your first flash, but in my eyes you show great promise. The whole thing was simple, but presented in a way that kept the viewer's eyes busy; that's a good thing to do, you never want the action to get dull or static. I loved the growing variety of the backgrounds and things he encountered. Very nice presentation overall; bright colors, nice variety of visuals, smooth animation, it all works nicely. My only nitpick was the little dude walking felt like he needed a frame or two added to his walk cycle, but no big issue there, also I was a little jostled by the sudden end, it would have been nice to see the whole thing start to wind down towards the end. Keep up the good work man.

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YouriX responds:

Wow this means alot coming from you since you also make some pretty awsome flashes! Yeah, i dont know what went wrong with the waking dude like you said needs a frame or to. And about the end i didnt know what to do further so left it that way. Honestly im done with this animation i need to go and make some new awsome art!

I am starting to love flash more and more! thanks for the compliments and the thumbs up! ;)


is this really your first flash? because its very very good for a first flash !! keep up the good work, man !!

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YouriX responds:

Yes my first serious attempt! Just wanted to make something good in the first try!

Happy Step

Ok, i see the movie. I see the guy walking, and walking and walking. He walked all the day and all the night. But where's the point? Where's the end? I didn't like the end, because it could be better. Walking animation was crappy too. But Rest was very good. Other props jumping out, and the UFO and stars, etc. I also liked song, but it didn't catch my eye.



YouriX responds:

Hey im glad you liked the song! And the other props! The song will probly be avaible on Wednesday.

good for your first.

the frame by frame symbols where pleasing to the eye, as a whole its alot nicer to view than stickmen fighting (most peoples first flash animation).

a few things to work on; think about perspective, things far away in the background (like the clouds) are going to move slower across the screen than somthing close in the foreground (like the grass), it just didnt look right in the movie.

the length of the move is good, with alot happening and good colouring. for a first animation this is very good work, i dont see any lazyness or slacking.

its all up from here. keep at it. its a big learning curve.

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YouriX responds:

Thanks for the awsome tips! Next time i'll do something about the perspectives!
thanks for the review ;)

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
1:47 PM EST
Music Video