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Hey everyone, my name is Exekeal and I have been a member of Newgrounds for over 4 years with no submissions to show for it. So I decided that I should stop viewing and start adding.

Here for your enjoyment, my video that probably will be blammed because I have no flash skill whatsoever.

I think its okay, but try not to hate me too much. I thought it was pretty funny.


Well from the underwhelming pictures to an underwhelming jump scare. Still worth the effort, maybe it gets some kids and scares them away from this crappy game genre.

meh its ok

but the joke is so overplayed its practically seethrough when something like that is gna happen.... or maybe ive just seen enuf to be able to tell when its gna happen... hell i dunno but as i said not bad... these jokes are always enjoyable even though they're a lil old

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Exekeal responds:

No I completely agree with you, If I had spent more time on this I might have thought of something more creative, but in the time frame that I used to make it, I don't consider it completely awful.


I lol'd

good idea

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Exekeal responds:

haha I thought so too!


i have something like this, except mines a bit more elaborate i give you a ten for teaching those youngins a lesson.

p.s. u can find mine here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /489802

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Exekeal responds:

Sure! I will check it out now. Thanks for the review, I am glad you enjoyed it. I didn't realize that someone might have already done something like this.


whaha lol could see that one coming ;D

Exekeal responds:

haha yea... i could have made the "easter egg" a little better hidden.

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Nov 23, 2009
1:32 PM EST
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