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This is a collaborative effort to try and create a flash game true to the nature of flash games, fun and addictive, with immediate rewards but endless time wasting.. and EYE LASERS!

Blast your way through rapidly more challenging levels, expect to die, a lot. All progress is saved.

You can set the controls. By default:
X: Fire
Z: Jump
Shift: Shield
Direction keys: Move and to fire in that direction.
M: toggles mute
P: Pauses

Hopefully this will keep you distracted while you wait for Chaos Faction 2 which will be out soon (George swears).

Our thanks to our sponsors: Max Games.


Good game

Heh I've got into extermly insanely hard.
It's not imbossible but hard and challenging what is great :D

But one thing i want to tell is about that yellow sting boss..
It got huge hitbox and you will get killed even youre 1-2 meters out of range.

But otherwise this is great idea :D that randomizer thing is perfect. Once I got boss battle with only 1 jump.

fun game x3

now im on Insanely stupidly insanely hard x3

Was fun for the first few levels.

It was fun and all but I thought it was kind of lame that you just re-fight the same two bosses at once in the more difficult levels such as insanely hard and extremely hard. It's kind of pointless to keep playing after that since you've basicly seen everything that this game has to offer.

put some meadals on it

MEtals make everything better if were going to play a senseless game
we should get something out of it otherwise great game

some good and soem bad things

I really think people shouldn´t whine about this game so much...
people complaining they can´t even beat the second boss, people complaining bosses are too easy... just damn stupid tbh
I actualyl played this game till Extremely Insanely Stupidly Hard and there are at least 5 more levels past that. If people really can´t beat the first few bosses they really should consider quitting games all together...

but ok, reviewing time now

The good things:
the unforgiving challenge, 1 hit is death so you are forced to use your shield quite often
the frantic shooting obviously, the sheer mayhem going on all the time is just epic
the graphics, they fit the whole thing perfectly
The bad things:
the fact that sometimes levels aer IMPOSSIBLE to beat, due to the random platform generating(impossible to make jumps)
some couple bosses are just way too easy(like the double spiked jumping-thing) compared to harder couples(like the double needles)

I hope you liked my review :D

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3.67 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
11:31 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun