Glow Cut

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Mouse skill challenge, how fast&many can you cut the ores?

Just Cut, Cut !!!, glow cut the ores to melt down, then your factory will have enough energy.

Mouse down-drag-up to cut the gray blue ore;
Don't cut the dark ores;
The red ores are bomb can help you to clear the frezon ores;
White ores are bonus.

--------------Reply to the reviews--------------

Well, it's our honor to read all of your reviews, this is our first game. seems you cool guys think this game concept is really OK. And yes this game maybe too simple and boring if played long time without challengings with friends, and we know that, we'v considered a complexer version - <Glow Cut 2> with some more reality graphics, complexer system with upgrades/leveling up etc. So the reviews really encourage us to plan a sequel. Thank you!


Never saw something like this before

This is really fresh and new. I still don't understand the system completely: why turn some fragments yellow very early, while sometimes you need to hack them to dust. Also I think its not balanced very well, the speedup from level to level is too harsh sometimes.
But I like it anyways. Thank you!!

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awsome game

nice game i loved it 10/10
well done

Very Original

This game concept was very original, but I had a slight problem with the bricks freezing. What would happen to me was that the bricks were small enough as to not be gray but could not pass between the gray blocks. Anyways, great game.



The game concept is original and -most important- fun.
Definitely the graphics could be improved (add a background, etc..) and the sound is nice, also nice is the different types of blocks.
The game is quite easy but, good work and a winning idea!


epic little game here i fkin loved this.. unique and great. i was a little let down tho when i played it and got to like lvl 19.. i had a cramp in my hand :( so paused it.. then mistakenly clicked ''back to menu'' and then i lost everything -.- so id say to maybe add in a conformation like '' are you sure you want to go to menu? all data will be erased'' other than that it was very fun.. adding to favs ima play this regularly :)

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3.27 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
10:35 AM EST
Skill - Other