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Glow Cut

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Mouse skill challenge, how fast&many can you cut the ores?

Just Cut, Cut !!!, glow cut the ores to melt down, then your factory will have enough energy.

Mouse down-drag-up to cut the gray blue ore;
Don't cut the dark ores;
The red ores are bomb can help you to clear the frezon ores;
White ores are bonus.

--------------Reply to the reviews--------------

Well, it's our honor to read all of your reviews, this is our first game. seems you cool guys think this game concept is really OK. And yes this game maybe too simple and boring if played long time without challengings with friends, and we know that, we'v considered a complexer version - <Glow Cut 2> with some more reality graphics, complexer system with upgrades/leveling up etc. So the reviews really encourage us to plan a sequel. Thank you!

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Loved it

Great game, just wish there was an endless mode so i could just waste time cutting things on one level instead of the levels going up too fast and things dropping waaaay too fast

Well done.

Simple, fun, addictive and original. You pulled this quite well.. have a few complaints though.
The game is a little bit unbalanced. On one level, the shapes are quite slow and simple, like squares and triangles, then, when i see the LEVEL UP... 3 rectangles come in less than 5 seconds and make me lose! what the hell..
Also, make it so the red shapes dont blow up yellow pieces.
On the bright side, the concept was quite original. Got me addicted to it, i'm gonna play this regularly *favorite'd*
Oh, and the music fits in well with the game.


This concept is incredible, the interactivity is nearly limitless, it's hard to find a puzzle game that feels so physically real and in which the action never stops. It does however feel like there's something missing in there. The difficulty is extremely severe as well considering there is no means to progress apart from non-stop hacking. I'm thinking this would be the perfect game for some sort of upgrading/leveling up system... without that the gaming experience is very short considering the difficulty and the replayability is the same over and over again with no change. Something along the lines of the smaller the yellow pieces fall, the more exp they give, and some sort of "temporary no need to hold down to cut, on activation" power, or " temporary activated slow motion" power for example. Well of course it's all just ideas I'm popping out. But for such a beautiful concept, the game does feels really empty. I honestly wanted this game to last longer as I played it, but nothing kept me going, however much I loved this unique concept.

Just great!

Great idea, well made. It's fun and addictive.

great game

the only problem i can find with this game that have not previously been mention is that the mouse control is slightly annoying. if your going to use a tetris style background get rid of the meter on the side and make it so that you fail when the shapes hit the top of the screen instead. you just could not cut far enough and some times it would not cut the shapes even thou i clearly cut across it at the right time. other than the speed at which the shapes dropped.

still these are just suggestions for improvement, i want you to know that i enjoyed this game.

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4.24 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2009
10:35 AM EST