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Portalen Showdown 2

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**Portalen Showdown 3 is going to be delayed due to other project(s), personal stuff, and a possible re-make due to poor animation. Sorry about this!**

Portalen Showdown 2 is here! (Yes, the animation still sucks)
*Contains spoilers for Portalen Showdown 1*

----------> JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS: It will -NOT- take 10 years until Portalen Showdown 3 is done, durr. I've already started working on it, and I've taken some of your reviews into account to make it better than this one. It'll be alot better. :] I can't say for sure when It'll be out however. Thanks! <-------------------

^^^I Apologize for the buttons etc. not being fully visible between the matches and when starting the flash, but this doesn't really affect anything. Sorry again!^^^

****I will respond to all reviews. Please review, and If you think it sux, be constructive! Thanks!****

The quality is alot better than in Portalen Showdown 1, but It still sucks! Entertaining, huh?
This is the other half of the tournament - and nr. 2 in the Portalen Showdown Series. I put alot more effort into this one than the last one, rest assured!
This is a Tournament between sixteen people (this flash contains 8 of them), who fight in battles to the death! I know all these people In Real Life, and It is their names. Their personalities... well... perhaps they've got a LITTLE to do with em... heh.

-- 5228 Frames
-- Approx 7 mins and 15 secs Flash Movie
---- I apologize for the bad quality of the Music, the Music's good though ^^

Music: Cloud Connected by In Flames

EDIT: Hey again guys! I'm working on Portalen Showdown 3 at moment, and I can tell you right now that it contains;
- Only one battle, but by far the best animated and longest one.
- Alot more intense "storyline" or "feeling" involved.
- Voices for the Characters
- Zombies!
- Mirza & L33tson are different from how they are in Portalen Showdown 1 respectively Portalen Showdown 2 - they've changed and learned alot new spells and abilities.
- Better animation overall

It will probably come out in a few weeks, but I can't make promises, I'm sure no one's super-eager anyway though :P

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Well done

Very unusal idea to make a touranment style flash, i like how you had a large amount of matches and you werent afraid to let the blood fly around, highly entertaining matches, my favorite had to be the semi with leetson in it as it had a bit of eveything and it looked as though he was going to lose until he spun it around on his opponent. The background music was my favorite part of your flash as it had a high amount of energy that went well with the fights. The table for the touranment looked a bit too simple for me, you should spend some time making it look more presentable. Overall i was very much entertained by your flash!


Endroil responds:

Like it or hate it, that's how it is huh. Yeah I guess the bad graphics are unbearable to some.

Thank you for your review - Personally I like the absolutely first battle most, that's the one I'm most proud of - It's also one of the shorter ones.



not there best song but it was a pretty good one

Endroil responds:

Ok, Yeah, Thanks?

Not too bad

I kinda liked it, besides the obvious stuff that you will hear in 1 million of these reviews. Thought it was original. If ya Made it longer, and spiff up the Graphics ya could really go sonmewhere with this. Oh ya best not wait 10 years to make the Finale, cuz i prob will not be rating things on Newgrounds by then lol, and i really want to see it.

Endroil responds:

10 Years? No, no, you got it all wrong, they will Train for 10 years... 10, uh, fantasy years. The 3rd one will probably come shortly.

And, "make it longer"? Mate, It was 7 mins 15 secs - I made 5228 Frames. That's very much above average for a Flash movie! If y'think it's short, It probably just seemed like it - there's more than enough fighting material (with poor quality^^) in there.

It was good. Not great.

So as i say up there /\ it was good, not great.
First off, i can tell alot of effort went into making this. I ccommend that, because you have to push yourself for that. Things that would have made it more than good would be:
1: a more exitiing background. Whte = blahhhh.
2. Sound effects. Mixed with the white background, This created a very boring experience. Just simple punch sounds can be repeated over and over again. A few slashes, and maybe a whoosh sound from the swords would make it more interesting.
3: Better drawings. I know you're not a flash master, butputting a little more effort into your drawings isnt too hard. Make sure your drawings are always grouped so no outside blood et. will affect them, and only the lasso will create any changes.
Overall, this was a good attempt. I give it an a for effort, and content. There was a lot of content in here. I will admit i didnt watch it all. THe white background and zero sound effects ruined the experience for me.
a 5 out of 5, to try and help you not get blammed, and an 8 for effort.
I look forward to future submissions :)

Endroil responds:

Thanks. It's not that close to being blammed though :]

The graphics - Yeah, I should improve them. They're improved from the 1st one though^^ And I will improve them for future works.

Sound - Yes, you're right, slash, punch etc. - those sound effects are very easy to make, all of em, and should be put to use.

Background - Plan to use other than a White Background next time.

Thank you for your review!

needs some deal of work..

The aninmation was lacking some quality, actuly alot of quality actuly. It needed to be smoother and how bout less arrows in the matches?.. and maybe more effects like smoke or fire or whatever im not the author... Oh also it needs to be alot smoother i thought i was watching a flip bookc for a second.
Also the caracters/ art needed a great deal of work too. If the caracters were just little balls with colors i would think stick animating would look a whole lot better. the buttons, menues, etc.. needed some art improvement. They looked more as if they were drawn/made in like 5 seconds.

I can keep going with this but i lost my train of though.. x_x but i think you get the idea. and if not ill spell it out in one short sentence-> "You suck" ;D

Endroil responds:

Thank you, mr. cakeman16.

And by the way, you repeated yourself about 3 times, but with different wording.