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Cloud madness 2

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Hey there, this is Cloud madness 2. Its basically remake of cloud madness.
New content:
*You can earn points
*You can collect tokens (Higher score)
*A door (Space to open)
Things improved:
*I have improved graphics.
*Changed gravity a bit (Doesnt feel floaty anymore)
Please comment and rate, and remember its my second ever flash game! :-D
(Wow, im very quick! 0.o)

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well,it's good for this being your 2nd game.

good concept, but add a little bit more.
1) some music. PLEASE.
2) althought you "improved" the graphics, try improving them a little more.
3) it's pretty boring. add something besides gathering coins. maybe some enemies or something.

It's good for your 2nd game

I'm going to give you a good grade because it's only your 2nd game!


Music? Checkpoints? Something? Great job on this being the second flash, decent job.


I don't exactly get the point of the game but i enjoyed about 20seconds of it

One thing about the game i hated was that when you die by falling off... you get put back at the beginning. Then you have to journey back to where u died >.<

in all respect, it feels like i'm playing with a clip and collecting money :]

Don't congratulate yourself...

this game suffers from a host of maladies.

- first and foremost, the quality of the illustration is just dismal. the game looks like something i drew on kid pix in kindergarten.
- there is no goal short of collecting tokens to no benefit other than score. give us some reward for our work. custom characters, a gallery of pictures, hell a second level would be nice.
-theres no context for why theres a block jumping from cloud to cloud. give us some story!
-the level design is, for a platformer, boring. the game is incredibly easy.
-the color palette is abrasive to the eye. you need to think about some sensitivity in your illustration rather than beating us over the head with opaque, birght colors that make it hard to look at the screen.

dont get me wrong. this is great for an improvement on a game that's your very first, but you need to put alot more work into this before it's anything worth playing.

finally, i wouldn't even begin to mention being quick about updating a game when the tweaks probably took you less than 30 minutes. save the self praise for when it's a quality product, not a flash tutorial abortion.

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2.42 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2009
2:39 PM EST