SE Demo Reel 09-10

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I've been on Newgrounds for a long time, and the year is almost ending now. Here is how it went.

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was it placed in chronological order?

It was pretty good but doesn't a yearly demo reel mean your gonna stop animating for the rest of the year?

someplaceelse responds:


No, it wasn't placed in chronological... in fact, a clip from my first submission was placed at the very end almost. ^_^

and yes, excluding may be a little christmas animation, I will probably be inactive for the rest of the year.

Some tips.

First you should really put a preloader so the movie will finish loading !
and the reviews wouldn't need to wait 'till it finishes loading parts.
you SHOULD slow down the speed the cher are talking and you got to
work on smoothing the animation good luck.

someplaceelse responds:


I say...

G'day Jack.

someplaceelse responds:

G'day to you too.. :3