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Three Tanka Poems

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This is just a little animation I made for my East Asian Literature class. We were suppose to make a visual representing three tanka poems. Everyone else just did some sort of drawing, but I made this. It's nothing special, but I figured I could submit it here.

After watching this, a few of my classmates thought I hated Mario. That is NOT the case. I love Mario! Thanx for enduring all the pain.

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I know u love mario!

if u love mario u can do anything u want with him! if u dont u dont fell like messing with him! xD


this was awsome man and hell yeaz for mario, cecil, ness, lucas, (earthbound in general), and the bleach music! truly you are great for loving all of the amazing things that are always overlooked.

p.s. nice poems and humor


Aside from a few things such as the text / animation, I thought each of the tankas were well done, and I enjoyed each one.. its a shame its not as popular over here in NA.. if you do ever decide to do more of these, I'll definitely watch them!

4/5 8/10, fix up the few errors and I'll see if you make another batch of these. good stuff

There were several reasons...

That this movie got a 5/10.
1. I like poetry, especially Asian poetry.
2. I am currently playing through FF4 so it was kind of Ironic to see Cecil.
3. You used the the laugh from chrono trigger which was cool.
4. The Ness cameo was hilarious.
5. All of the comedy was well written.
6. Overall this was an enjoyable movie! Great job!


Couple glitches but different than a lot of stuff so it's kinda cool.

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4.60 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2009
11:39 PM EST